01 January, 2009

"GOODBYE To 2008 & HELLO To 2009" - Part 1

Whoa........... Happy New Year to all my fellow readers... How's everyone New Year Celebrations?? As for me... all I can say is that I had gained a lot... A lot of what??? Of course not $$$ forgot to say.... It's "FAT" what I had gained the most.

So this is what we did last night - "New Year Eve"

The plan was actually been decided last minute... Yup "LAST MINUTE". Cos everyone of us got no idea where we should go. But, a day earlier before New Year, the "Big Brother" of the gang had suggested to have a "Duck Feast" in one of the shop located somewhere Tg. Aru. Then later on, proceeded to our countdown celebration at 1 Borneo Hypermall.

So, to avoid traffic jam, we - Me, Koch & Tina (While Imelda, Rose & Bernard didn't join for the dinner) squeezed into Chee Kuan's Prado. Poor Chee Kuan have to be our driver again. Around 8P.M. , we had arrived to "King Hu" - where we had our "Duck Feast" dinner.

By the time we arrived, the place was fully packed. According to Chee Kuan the place was very famous and need to be reserved a day early on. (If not, you gonna be regret for that)

What we had for dinner??

The Main Course - Peking Duck

Side Dishes - Duck Soup

Side Dishes - Vege's

Side Dishes - Dumplings

And do you know how to eat the Peking Duck?? Let our professional teach you how. (Let's put our hands together - Mr Chong) Eeeeee....Haaaaaaa....)

Due to everyone was very hungry, all the food all gone with the wind in just a blink of eyes

ScaRrrrry....... Heh !!! Heh !!! But more scary was when Tina not enough having the duck soup... that she requested to refill another bowl of duck soup. Walaueh!!!!! Tina.... (Thus, everyone laugh like hell)

Before we left the place to proceed to our countdown destination - 1 Borneo, We did took a group photo either.

So wanna know how mad we were during our countdown session and wanna meeting more friends of mine. Do come again and find it yourself in my next post of "GOODBYE To 2008 & HELLO To 2009" - Part 2

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