09 January, 2009

The Day "Liang Moi" Left Us

Some of you might be curious on the above topic. Hehe.... let me explain to you who's the "Liang Moi" (Means pretty girl)

Today was my colleague's (Sam) last day of on duty with us. And we were having our farewell lunch at "The Hut" located in Citymall.

I'm glad that because this was the first time and the last time having lunch together. (So weird, right??? Unlike last time in Superlead Management - get to having lunch with colleagues everyday)

Why do I said so??? It is because...

FIRST TIME: Having everyone - Staffs from The Board of Governors (No one was left behind)to sit in a table eating together.

Last Time: And the last time having meals with Sam.

Today I had a lot of ice cream indeed.... Gosh!!! My "FRIEND" as well as my "Enemy" either.

Funny!!! Supposed to be "a cup per person".

But I'd been served with 2 cups (Lolz... who ask the waiter served the ice cream near me, I knew that supposed that's for my colleague) and another half bit of ice cream from Sam.

Hehe.... so I had a total of 1... 2... and a 1/2 cup of mint and chocolate ice cream. YUMMY!!!

Before we left and get back to work we managed to take a group photo (Yeah !!! It's been a "Dream" of mine either to get everybody in a photo since we had never take photo together.)

Before eating...

After eating...

Dear Sam...

Although we seldom chit chatting, but I do cherish every moments that we had shared together. The moment I felt not happy, you will always lend your ears and giving your precious opinions for me. I felt bad because the moment when it's your turn to feel bad, the only thing I can do is just listen to you without a word.

"Goodbye" and "Good Luck" in everything you do, Sam.

P/S: What did you guys think of my black and white pictures??? Yeah, due to I'm so damn ugly in the second group picture and the first group picture kinda dark, so I had decided to Photoshop all of it into "Grey Scale" picture. Moreover, nowadays I just fell in love taking "Black & White" pictures. Heh... Heh...

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