24 December, 2008

Unplanned Christmas Party With Colleagues

So the foot steps of Christmas is getting closer and closer. Today is already Christmas Eve. I just can't wait for a sessions of Christmas Steamboat Dinner with my friends tonight. See you guys there. PAL!!!

Oh well, I started to feel the fever of Christmas since last Monday already, that's when all my nephews and nieces came over to my house bringing all their Christmas Hat.

Here are some of the pictures that I took:

You know how hard it is to get these kids to take a nice perfect photos?? I was like spending half an hour to pursue them stood still and let me "SHOOT" them.

Especially HIM

Yesterday - the 23rd... We had a small Christmas Party in the library. Just all of us (Non - Teaching Staffs) It was an idea which popped out in mind out of sudden. (So consider unplanned) It's more like "Pot Luck" style - whereby everyone brought some foods and drinks sharing together. And this was the first time having such party in my current workplace. (Suddenly I'm thinking of my old workplace "SUPERLEAD MANAGEMENT S/B" - we used to have such event oftenly)

Here are the shots during the party :

The Food

The Staffs

Ms Bevina

Rosma (You "Shoot" Me, I "Shoot" You)


And last but not least, Josephine !!!

You guys must be curious "What the hell this little fellow doing here??" Yup, co - incidentally Jo came for settling some "Business" with me. So we invited her to join us as well. "Lolz......... Jo, no need to be shy shy!! What?" Heh... Heh...

Ok... guys!!! Off to get myself ready for a session of steamboat with friends and countdown for Christmas Day. Will get back again with the updates of the events.

Wishing all my readers "Merry Christmas & Happy New Year 2009"

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