28 December, 2008

The Ultimate CSP Party 2008

"Important Notice!! Important Notice!! Calling all CSPians on board. Our dinner will be served any minute from now." So sit back and do buckle up and enjoy the feast.

Ahahaha... sounds weird with my introduction. But anyway just ignore it. ((I'm stil in the middle of "Highness" from last night party.) So this is what we had last night - The Ultimate CSP Party 2008 which was organized by the members of local forum ClickStartPlay. It's a 4 in 1 combo party. What do you mean by "4 in 1 combo" ? (Please refer to my previous post)

So the party was held at Datin Hajjah Aisah Hall, Imperial Hotel located Warisan Square, 7PM onwards. Thanks to Chucky for the ride, because without him I wouldn't able to attend any events that organized by the forum.

In order to let you guys know how crazy we were on that night. Come and take a look the pictures that I managed to snap on that night.

The Food

You can see everyone was very busy with their food. All like "Hugry Wolf".

We did exchange Christmas gifts either. It was fun!!!

And I got 2 presents on that night (Hoorey!!!!)

Now, let's meet with our Emcee of the night... (Rina the Cat & Irene a.k.a Irtea)

and some of our professional cameraman & camerawoman

Still don't know much about us ?? (ClickStartPlay Members) There you go some of the members.

Aucifer Sakuya, MissyFong, Nana a.k.a Chiaki, Wilson a.k.a Shinurikhi


Chiaki & Jna

Chucky & Filisia


Shunakimoto & LaZyChOc0

Mas Light a.k.a Massy

Edgar a.k.a Dori

David a.k.a Shadow

Daniel Marcus a.k.a Shiver


Beverly Tam a.k.a Mikayuki

Hanafi a.k.a Cubex

Missy Fong


DJ Charlton

Last but not least, before the party end we did take a big CSP Group Photo. Come on everyone smile :) (Credit goes to Shadow)

The Winner

And some nice angle of me taken by professional photographers (Thanks to Dori, Flanegan and Wilson)

Thanks, pal!!! Really love those pictures!! And I really had a great times, hope to meet you guys in "Ultimate CSP Party 2009" Next year :)

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