03 December, 2008

TCS : Me...... A Love Guru...... ? A counsellor...... ?

Gah....... I need water!!!! Been talking non - stop, erm..... let's say from nine in the morning till twelve at noon. Is that considering over??? Can't really understand why the students in my school that I'm currently working with who actually loves to talk to me. *WONDERING WHY* *talk*... *talk*... *talk*... (Serious Talks, Love Talks, Family Matters, Friendship Matters, Personal Problems, Study Problems all in) Some even willing to stand in front of my counter for few hours.... Sometimes I do feel that I'm more like a Love Guru or even a Counsellor than a librarian...... Got potential what.....

Like this morning, after finishing my job of the day - ready up the newspapers, tidy up untidy books and watering the plants. I was getting ready to start my reading for the day. Yes!! I do enjoy reading my travel book a lot by the name "1,000 Places To See Before You Die", it just like you were traveling around the world by sitting on a chair. Not until this Student "A" came in and forced me to stop my journey and reversed back to my real life. Sigh............. Now... now, looks like my first "Customer" of the day had pay me a visit. Well, what do we have today?? Love Problems? No... Study Problems? No... It's friendship problems... But after all I think that's a small matters.

Student "A" actually was a proactive person. After listened to her stories, suddenly someone popped out in my mind. She reminds me that once I got a friend too who was as proactive as her back to my high school and the stories that she told me was actually quite the same where I ever experienced it back to school but the differences is: "Student A" and her friend didn't have a quarrel but just separation due to re-organisation of class. But for my case, we did actually faced a cold war till the day we left the school.

Her case is like this:
Student "A" had a close friend since Form 1 till Form 3. They just like other close friends - sitting next to each other during class, hanging around during recess time. After school, going home together (cos Student "A" likes to spend her times in her friend's house) So you can tell how close they were once - like the "air" to each other. But all this last only for three years - What a waste!!! Not until, a session of class re-organisation which actually had separated the two souls. Their relationship became even faraway. Student "A" took the Science Stream while her friend went for Art Stream. Ever since then, the two of them never get along since both busy with their own studies and hardly to get along to have a group studies cos both taking totally different subjects. Soon or later, both of them have their own friends. After graduated for few years, when they bumped to each other again, they were seems pretending not knowing each other anymore. Should them let the sweet memories from the past just fade away like this ?? If I was student "A" I will give a call to the friend, who knows we can get along again ...

My case is like this: More complicated
I'd had been gone through similar situation twice. The first situation occurred during my primary school life then the second one was in my high school life. But I'm gonna share with you guys my high school experience, since the scene still keep freshly in my mind compared with the one happened during my primary school experience. During in my high school back to 1995, making new friends seems to be my first homework from the moment stepping my feet in the school. The very first friend I made was Imelda (As you had noticed that she's actually did appeared in my blog several times.) Like Student "A" case either, me and Imelda no longer staying in the same class due to class re-organisation. So we got separated from Form 1 till Form 3, in order to catch up with those top students in my class, I need to pay a lot more attentions on my studies, more group studies and tuitions were provided by the school specially for the top class.

So I began to mix with some friends from my class, one of them was Roselind (Her character slightly same with Student "A") She was a proactive person while I'm the passive kind of person. Just like Student "A", me and Roselind's relationship were more than just a friend, we were like sisters. Sitting next to each other during class, hanging around during recess time, sharing potato chips together with our Moral teacher in the staffs room, she's the one who really paying more attention on me, help me a lot in my Mathematics and Accounting lessons - cos I'm poor in those both subjects. The most childish thing we did was - holding each other hands is a must action. (Imagine "Holding Each Other Hands" in high school?? Oh well, I think you can't find this nostalgia scenes happening in high school anymore in modern world today.) Unless you were back to the 70's 80's year ... Just like Anne Shirley and Diana Barry did in the movie "Anne of Green Gables". But sweet memories only last for a while. During Form 4, we actually had a quarrel that led to cold war... What happen?? Even myself also can't recall the situation. All I can remember is for everybody who knows us, did noticed what's going on in between me and Roselind even the news spread down to the staff rooms. So you can tell how famous we were that time.

Luckily, Imelda was there with me. Later on, I spent the last two years of my high school life back with Imelda until now eight years had past, didn't realize that we actually knowing each other more than ten years back. This year it's gonna be our 19th Anniversary of friendship.

Although we had our own circle of friends, or sometimes more friends joining in between us...

But still it wont effected our friendship cos we still having times together (Just the two of us) She can be the best partner of loitering around the mall or even the best tea cupper.

Picture of Me And Imelda

Hope we can treasure our friendship and spending another 20th Anniversary, 30th Anniversary or more together.

On the other hands, what about Roselind??? Yup... good question. We did bumped to each other back in the year of 2004 during in a friend's wedding banquet, at first I thought we might ignoring each other. But we didn't, felt like back to the past, besides saying "Hi" we did our silly action again - Holding each other hands. After the meeting, I thought we still angry with each other but we were not anymore. Although seldom meet up, but we still keeping in touch by sending SMS. And the hatred that being hiding all this while had gone with the wind. Last but not least, after she knows me coming back to serve the school, she even asked the teacher who taught us Moral last time to look after me. How nice to have such friend??

Happy Ending

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