25 December, 2008

Steamboat @ Dynasty Restaurant

"Burp !! Burp!! Merry Christmas everybody !!" Please forgive me for my craziness... Sorry... I'm still recovering from last night steamboat sessions and Christmas Countdown. Overall it was a great gathering indeed.

After few meetings and discussions whether we should go for steamboat at Four Seasons or Kampung Nelayan? Finally we had made up our mind to have our steamboat dinner at Dynasty Restaurant (Suggested by Imelda) which is located somewhere in the middle of Asia City. Dynasty??? At first, everyone of us quite confused with the name, everyone of us thought that it was Tang Dynasty Hotel. (But they were totally different location) The package cost us around RM28 per pax.

They were only 4 of us who joined in the "Makan - Makan" session (Me, Chee Kuan a.k.a "The Funny Man", Imelda a.k.a "The Beauty Queen" and Rose.)

What are the dishes included in our steamboat package? (Actually all of us felt that the quantity of the food it's not enough for everyone.)

There you go... parts of the "Materials" that's are getting ready to "JUMP IN TO THE BOAT"

"Boil... Boil... Boil A Boat..." (Gosh!! starting to sing in a tune of "Row... Row... Row A Boat...")

While waiting the "Boat" boiling in Chicken & Tom Yam Soup.... My "itchiness" of "Shooting" people popped up that led me to "Shoot" my friends.

I get my stomach pain when Imelda keep on making funny actions by flirting with the captain of the shop. The "MOST" silly question that I could recall was "Sir, How to open the crab ar?" and "How to eat the crab ar?" (Straightaway, everybody knock their head. "Hey, please-lah Imelda") But, her method quite powerful. The captain did pay more attentions on our table though. (Thereafter, keep on asking Imelda "Is there anything I can help?")

Besides us - who was dining in the same shop that night, they were another group as well. I was shocked when I found "Uncle Soo" (Dr Soo - my Pediatrician) who also dining in the same shop as well. Due to both of our table located quite near, we can almost listen to the topics that both of our groups talks about. Our group is more like "Chit Chat Kosong", While Uncle Soo's more on "Medical Discussion". What a huge differences indeed. I managed to say "Hi" to Uncle Soo either. (But too bad I missed the chance asking him to take photo with me. BOOOOOOOOO!!!!)

After we had finished the steamboat, there were a corner of Ice Cream been served.

"Yes!!!! Dessert Time!!!!"

My favorite - Yam, Vanilla and Strawberry. (3 in 1) Wakakkakak!!!! I had 2 rounds of it.

By the time we left the shop for our next destination (The Waterfront) for our countdown of Christmas, It was already 11PM.

So stay tune, I'm gonna post up about it when I managed to "Squeeze out some juice" from my brain. There were too many photos waiting for me to edit and too many stories to share on that night. Just let me rest a while and figure it how to start it out. So be patient, to all my fellow readers out there. Do come in again :)

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