31 December, 2008

Something Very Interesting

Skip... Skip... Skiperty!!! Got to skip for few posts today. ArrrrRRRgggGGG.... The long holidays is making the "LazyBugs" multiplying even more inside my body. And will sure get back to the updates events that had been left out sooon!!! Yeah!!!! VERY SOON!!!!

But look what I found??? "Another Life" movie!!!!!!! Watch it this morning as I was browsing into one of the CSP Member's blog - Julian. (All the casts are CSP members) So this is what we called CSP Power, you guys really got the potential to be the future actors & actresses!!! "ROLLED IT, CSPians!!!"

Overall the movie is great!!! Nice plot!!! Congrats to all who had made this real. As for those who are not one of the member from ClickStartPlay. And not knowing what am I talking about. Please enjoy yourself the movie that I'm serving for you today :)


Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Sit Back & Enjoy :)

Last but not least, I want to wish all my readers, friends, brothers & sisters of ClickStartPlay Forum a Happy New Year 2009 in advance. Enjoy yourself tonight as you guys welcoming the year of "Ox".

For more information about us ClickStartPlay, you can always feel free to sign up in ClickStartPlay and be the member of CSP Family.

Happy New Year!!!!!

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