20 December, 2008

Gaya Streets X'Mas Celebration

Ok, today I'm not going to talk about Hobbycon 2008. Gonna give way to something regarding Christmas Celebration, since the footsteps of Christmas just around the corner.

Last night, I had just visited the Gaya Street (A very well-known Sunday Market) in my hometown - Kota kinabalu. In conjunction with the upcoming Christmas Festive Seasons. There were a Christmas Bazaar happening around here every year. The event began on the 17th Dec till 19th Dec.Actually visiting the night market isn't listed in my schedule, because there was another activity went on last night - Yeap!!! Me and my friends actually planned to gather around and had a small discussions on activities that will held during the night Christmas Eve.

Thanks to everybody,especially to Koch, Imelda, Chee Kuan for the concerns about my transportation matters because co-incidentally, 3 of them gave me a call to ask me if I need a ride.

So who do I followed?? Tada... Koch and her girlfriend (Tina) of course. Heh.. Heh.. I'm not purposely want to be their "Light Bulb". It just because they planned to pay a visit to the Christmas Bazaar at Gaya Street whereby Imelda had already paid a visit and Chee Kuan will only meet us after 10PM after his meeting in the temple. And since it's the last day of the bazaar and I don't want to miss it.

We arrived there around 9 something, what a big crowd and heavy traffic jam that night. It's seems all the parking lot were already occupied by vehicles. We spent about 20 minutes just to look for a place to park our car. Guess our luck not so bad either, we managed to find a parking lot on the uphill of Jalan Istana near the Padang Merdeka. Eh... it's bit far to me from the Gaya Street. Heh... Heh...

Thank God, I did bring along my camera with me that night. So here were some of the photos that I took that night. (Sorry for the bad quality of the photos, but I do hope that you guys enjoy of it.)

Gaya Streets (The Sunday Market)

Some Stalls Selling Santa Clause Decorations and Unique Sculptures

Besides peoples selling goods and Christmas related stuffs, there were also a live band performance by the local artists on stage as well as you can hear peoples from all the churches around Sabah singing carols all night long.

Just like last year, there were a huge Christmas Tree were set up

Even the couple of the night (Koch & Tina) don't want to miss the opportunity to take their couple photo under the huge Christmas tree.

But what's attracted me the most of the night was...

The Yellow Santa Clause

It's reminds me of "The Digi Yellow Man" : "I will follow you...." Wakakak....

and the set up of "Jesus In The Manger".

After receiving calls from Chee Kuan and Imelda, we made our move to Upperstar, Damai to proceed our discussion of the night. At the meantime we were having our supper over there. I had ordered my favorite dish which is the "Bolognaise Spaghetti". Hmm... Yummy !! Yummy !!

Look.. What I found during our supper ?? This couples don't even bothered peoples surround them. It's seems they were the only creatures living on the earth - Feeding each other. Lolz....

Gie.... I better do my shopping now. Getting a Christmas Gift is making me headache. Wonder what should I get for the upcoming 2 Christmas Parties??? Yes!!! It's 2!!! Gosh I can't wait any longer already Steamboat Dinner and The ULTIMATE CSP Party 2008
which is a combination of 4 celebration:

1. CSP 2nd Year Anniversary
2. Post-HobbyCon08 Celebration
3. Christmas Celebration
4. Welcoming New Year 2009

See you guys there :)


Abbie H. said...

Christmas bazaar? How could I not know all this while?

BOO said...

I think it started few years back dy....

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