01 December, 2008

Embarrassed Moment & Saturday Late Update : Party @ School Library - The Journey End Here

Oh my gosh!!! Oh my gosh!!! It's so embarrassed. What happen?? Look, early this morning as usual I went to work. To begin the tasks that had been lined up, the first thing I did was to get ready the newspapers to be placed in their exact positions. Then went down stairs heading to the principal's room to deliver his copy of Asia Times. Guess what?? I hate to deal with the principal actually. This is because once you had stepped inside his room, you won't get yourself out of the room so easily. Why?? I think this little old man just want to aim somebody to talk with and he likes to tell a lot of his ancient stories with the tones of philosophy.

After an hour I think the conversations with the old man had finally come to an end. So I pushed myself up and get back with my tasks of the day. Yeap!!! My next mission will be giving the plants a "drink" which had planted outside corridor of the library. It's been two days since the plants not been given a "drink". Usually I did this routine early in the morning while there was nobody pay a visit to the library yet. But I guess I'm slightly late this morning.I usually will take the "short cut" road by entering the male's wash room to get myself a pail of water (This is because the female's washroom was kinda of faraway from the first pot of plant) and I wouldn't want to carry a pail that filled with full tank of water running to the other end.

So I just slipped myself into the male's washroom and get myself a pail of water. Thank god nobody was in the washroom that time, not until i get myself the second pail of water. Oh my gosh!!! I was shocked because the door opened by itself when I'm about to get myself out of the room, It was a tall guy wearing yellowish in color school uniform - that's the uniform for the Form Six students.

Both we were stuck for a while.... I stared at him, he stared at me..... In his mind most probably saying this...

"Hey miss,

This is MAN area...."

To be exact you should get into this area....

Ala.... logically everybody knows this theory. *COMMON SENSE* but what to do?? The lazy bugs were multiplying in my body that time.... Heh... Heh... That's only a silly situation that I had come across this morning. Funny and yet Embarrassed.

Ok moving on to the final part of my Saturday Late Update - Party @ School Library - The Journey End Here:

It's Feeding time!!!!

Funny Shots

Getting Started Group Photo With The Form Six Librarians

Certificates Giving Ceremony

Now the most touching part.... KARAOKE SESSIONS, honestly I'm not a fans of Jay Chow... but I did fell in love with this following 2 songs: (Both Kenny & Ming Li duet... they really can sing well)



You can see them so concentrating... There were some more supporters at the back either

The Lyrics

So, with the sweet voices from our lovely Kenny & Ming Li, our party had come to the end.

Mission accomplished

Till we meet again next year .... :)


ktsh89 said...

so miss this picture... hahaha...

BOO said...

yeap.... a crazy batch of librarians.

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