16 December, 2008

2nd Hobbycon 2008 : Day 1 Highlight (Part 3)

So, as I had promised earlier on, here are more nose bleeding hot cos players. I got the chance to take photos with them either. (But as you guys go through all the "HOT CHICKS" Please, if you don't want to vomit while enjoying the photos, you can just ignore the "UGLY DUCKLING" - Aha... that's me!!!

Besides that, some of the cos players did performed for us on stage either. It's really a great show indeed. YOU GUYS REALLY ROCK :)

During the event, surprisingly I did bumped with many peoples that I knew.

Abigail & Aaron (Both were Hee Mang & Terry's Kids - my church's friends)

Some students from my school

Last but not least, and this little cute "BOO". Yup!!! I called her "BOO" because she was in pink. This little "BOO" nearly crying out as i try to snapped her. Heh.. Heh.. Maybe I'm frightening her. "Oh Dear!! Don't cry!!! Lolz...."

The event wouldn't be successful, without the hard work of our very professional photographers (Here is one of them, let's put our hands together for CHUCKY de DUCKY !!!!

And also 2 extremely tall & handsome guys had been spotted

Dinoza Mahruf

and this: Hmm.. I wonder who is he???

Besides, "HOT" cos players... "HANDSOME" guys... There were some funny shots that I managed took either.. Guarantee you guys laugh till your stomach explode. Like this:

Julian Lee a.k.a The Sotong acted cute

Daniel Marcus a.k.a Panja de Ninja pretending cool

Rainer Yong a.k.a Uncle's shocking face after realized that he been snapped

The judgment upon DJ Selina by Hangmen

Cubex - The Male Version of Masked Rider

Sakuya Chan - The Female Version of Masked

The CSPians Big Family Photo... I just so in love with these photos. Muakssss!!!

So this will be the end of the story of 2nd Hobbycon 2008 : Day 1 Highlight (Part 3). don't forget to join me again in the 2nd Hobbycon 2008 : Day 2 Highlight.

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