14 December, 2008

2nd Hobbycon 2008 : Day 1 Highlight (Part 2)

Argrgrggrgr..........Before I start over my post on 2nd Hobbycon 2008 : Day 1 Highlight (Part 2), I Want to scream out a bit. Finally I did my re-bonding today. It's been a tiring day. Was like spending approximately 6 hours inside Hair Made Saloon which is located at Citymall.

I guess I bumped into one of the CSPians - "Toyboy" in his shop selling PS Games and stuff like that. But I didn't get to say "Hi" to him (Cos it's weird suddenly you appeared in front of somebody you didn't know in person, it might scared them up)

Instead of Calvin Lo (The boss of Hair Made Saloon), doing the re-bonding to me, he actually assigned one of his staff (Nicholas) to help me on the re-bonding thingy. It's a guy!! Oh gosh!! I never let a guy doing my hair in my life so far. I was actually get used to another saloon which was the "Rebecca 2" but the problem is Sunday was the saloon's rest day. Moreover comparison of both saloon, I found that "Hair Made" more cheaper than "Rebecca 2" with the same quality.

So here's a view one of the corner of the saloon

The result?? Pretty satisfied with it. But the final judge will be after 2 days later, hope my hair still maintain it's straightness *PRAYING*

Ok, now let's us proceed to the 2nd Hobbycon event, more nose bleeding hot cos players are about lining up. So "Ride on!!! And get ready with a box of tissue to avoid blood *SPLASHING OUT* and make your monitor flooded with blood!!!

There you go... Enjoy!!

The Big Family of Cos Players

Don't you think it's bit boring by keeps on snapping those fancy cos player without joining them in the photo sessions?? Well, in my next post you shall see me taking photos with those cos players, and you gonna seeing those cos players and other non - cos player performing on stage and also some peoples that I met during the Hobbycon.

So, you got to be stay tune to my 2nd Hobbycon: Day 1 Highlight (Part 3)

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