10 December, 2008

2nd Hobbycon 2008 : Day 1 Highlight (Part 1)

Oopssss.. Sorry for the late update. It's seems I got lotsa of photos to edit and re size and honestly I have got no idea how to start my post regarding the above topic. (But I will try my best to squeeze out something from my brain tonight.)

Ok... to start up my story, I had just attended an event organized by one of the local forum ClickStartPlay which I had joined them since 20th April 2008 and the event is called "Hobbycon" last Saturday the (6th Dec) & Sunday (7th Dec)at Komplex Asia City. For more information, you can check out their official website : HOBBYCON

Honestly, I had gained a lot knowledge ever since joining them. From improper blogging style to proper blogging style, getting started to pay more attention what is happening around my place (Kota Kinabalu), getting started to make a lot of friends, trying new things that I had never try before, seeing things that never seen before, and last but not least trying up a new hobby - Photography.

So without wasting everybody's precious time, here are some of the selected photos from my collection of photos that I took during the event. (Any comments on the photos are acceptable) :)

Day 1

The Backdrop

Since Christmas is around the corner, the complex were decorated with lotsa beautiful Christmas decorations

Oh gosh, I just can't wait for the Christmas to come. "Rudolph the red nose reindeer... had a very shiny nose... And if you ever saw it... you would even say it glows..." *Gie... Start Singing the tune*

Yeah... I be the unofficial volunteer for the day.. Let's meet my first new friend from CSP Forum on that day --> Missy Fong

Due to I'm not the official volunteer for the day, so I didn't get myself a copy of the Hobbycon name tag

What about the preparation?? Oh well, some of them did a very good preparation earlier on and doing the final check...

But some only did their last minute preparation... bah apalagi, *KELAM KABUT* all the way...

There were a lot of booths been set up during the event, for example:

The Carcasean : Where you can find all sorts of boardgames here, feel free to have a try on them.

Maid Cafe : A place for you to hang out to have a cup of tea or a piece of cupcake served by the lovely and adorable cos players who dressed up in their awesome maid costumes.

Next booth will be the Comic Section.

Comic Section : In this booth, you got the chance to meet up with the awesome local artist and cartoonist who really can draw well.

Here are some of their artworks... Gosh!! This is really awesome!!!

Figurines Booth : If you were a die hard fans of figurines, then you should not miss out this two booths where you can find out a huge collection of lively figurines being displayed in this corner.

The other figurine booth...

Since it was the first day of the event, so you can see a big crowd making the complex nearly traffic jam :)

Come!! Let us meet with the cos player :

I, myself personally fell in love with this group of cos players (Especially both of Shevonne and her brother)

Sakuya Chan



Rina The Cat

Chiaki & Irtea



Hangmen & Chiaki

Sakuya, Hangmen & Chiaki


Ok... Looks like it's almost 12 Midnight now, I'm gonna off to bed soon. More photos will be coming up in my next post of the 2nd Hobbycon 2008 : Day 1 Highlight (Part 2)


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