31 December, 2008

Something Very Interesting

Skip... Skip... Skiperty!!! Got to skip for few posts today. ArrrrRRRgggGGG.... The long holidays is making the "LazyBugs" multiplying even more inside my body. And will sure get back to the updates events that had been left out sooon!!! Yeah!!!! VERY SOON!!!!

But look what I found??? "Another Life" movie!!!!!!! Watch it this morning as I was browsing into one of the CSP Member's blog - Julian. (All the casts are CSP members) So this is what we called CSP Power, you guys really got the potential to be the future actors & actresses!!! "ROLLED IT, CSPians!!!"

Overall the movie is great!!! Nice plot!!! Congrats to all who had made this real. As for those who are not one of the member from ClickStartPlay. And not knowing what am I talking about. Please enjoy yourself the movie that I'm serving for you today :)


Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Sit Back & Enjoy :)

Last but not least, I want to wish all my readers, friends, brothers & sisters of ClickStartPlay Forum a Happy New Year 2009 in advance. Enjoy yourself tonight as you guys welcoming the year of "Ox".

For more information about us ClickStartPlay, you can always feel free to sign up in ClickStartPlay and be the member of CSP Family.

Happy New Year!!!!!

30 December, 2008

2nd Hobbycon 2008 : Day 2 Highlight

Oh my gosh!!! Can't imagine that we are almost come to the end of the year 2008. I was checking through my posts, to make sure there ain't any of them left out. Not until....

Yeah... How come I missed out the Hobbycon Day 2 Highlight which is happening on 7th Dec???

So this is what was happening on the second day of Hobbycon 2008. Actually, I didn't take as many photos as the first day did. (Cos I left the events earlier on :( )

Early morning, before me and my friends heading to the location which the event held, we were paying our visit to the Gaya Streets (1 of my friend wants to look for a puppy). So we managed to find them. Those dogs were awesomely looked cute except that all of them extremely looked so tired. According to the dog vendor, those puppies just arrived, they had been traveled all the way from Ranau.

Here are some pictures of the puppies that I had captured:

Then later on, we were catching our time to Komplex Asia City for the Hobbycon event. At the beginning, I was thinking that those cos players will draw my friends' attentions with their fancy outfits (Yes!! For the 2nd day of the Hobbycon I didn't follow Chucky's car but I went with my friends) But, not knowing that I was wrong, they seems not very enjoyed on the events (I think the main point that led the boredomness for them was they didn't know anyone of the CSPians members)

So I'd been forced to left the venue earlier on, to proceed to our next destination. Honestly, I'm so "Heavy Heart" to leave the place. But what to do? I just can't abandon my friends and enjoy myself taking photos of the event. So I guess I have to say "Goodbye" to Hobbycon 2008 as early as 1PM. We were at Citymall, I was like so not in the situations (My body were now in Citymall, but my heart still in Komplex Asia City.) Gosh!! I really do hope that I won't missed any scenes of the Hobbycon 2009 next year. Hope to see you guys on the next Hobbycon Event somewhere next year. Keep up the good work :)

Before I wrap up my post, do enjoy some of the photos from the 2nd day of the event and some links from the previous Day 1 Highlight.

Shadow acting CUTE

The Lovely Maids

For those who had missed out my Day 1 Highlight on 6th Dec, here is the link. Hope you guys had enough fun while touring around my "Hobbycon 2008" posts.

2nd Hobbycon 2008 : Day 1 Highlight (Part 1)

2nd Hobbycon 2008 : Day 1 Highlight (Part 2)

2nd Hobbycon 2008 : Day 1 Highlight (Part 3)

29 December, 2008

Christmas Countdown @ Waterfront

Sorry !! Sorry !! I know I'm way too slow blogging lately. Here is the continue stories from Steamboat @ Dynasty Restaurant

So the after we had finished our steamboat sessions, the four of us were heading to Waterfront (A very famous foreign spot which fulled of overseas atmosphere in my hometown - Kota Kinabalu) to meet up with some other friends and celebrate the Christmas together. It was quite crowded the place when we arrived at The Waterfront, the reason why the place were crowded - it's most probably everyone was waiting for the Christmas Countdown and most of them was enjoyed clubbing inside "The Bed" (A well-known disco in town)Unlike Waterfront - an open space areas where you can find some foreign shops, restaurants, lounges and bars along the walkway. I personally hate to hang out around the place, because of the smokey place and the big blast of the music and with the heavy smelled of drunk peoples.

While we were waiting for the arrival of the midnight (Christmas Day). We were passing our time by chit- chatting and did some photo sessions.

There you go, some shots while the awaiting...

Gifts Exchange Sessions : I just love these following pictures, It was so dramatic (Thanks to Fang Fang for the hiding shots, yups!! It was taken without our knowledge)

Boo (The Gift Exchange Planner): "Now, now don't rush pal, everyone has their gift."

Chee Kuan: "Ah Moi, Cepat sikitlah!"

Boo (The Gift Exchange Planner): "Nah... Tina !! You are the lucky number one. Go ahead choose you number. (Chee Kuan *Thinking with A smile*: "I wonder who's gift I will get??")

Now is Chee Kuan's turn...

Chee Kuan :"Jeng... Jeng... Jeng... Shake well first..."

Boo (The Gift Exchange Planner): "Oh!! Tai Ko fasterlah!! Don't be like Ninja Turtle!!!"

Chee Kuan :"Jeng... Jeng... Jeng..."

Boo (The Gift Exchange Planner): "You want me to beat you gar?"

Just before we left, we managed to take the group photos. Honestly I did really enjoyed myself that night. Although some of them who had celebrated Christmas last year not able to join us this year. (Yeah!! Bernard, we are looking forward to meet you on New Year Eve.)

The Group Photo

"Merry Christmas & Happy New Year 2009"

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