30 November, 2008

Shopping : Getting Ready For Christmas & Saturday Late Update - Party @ School Library (Part 5)

Can't believe that it was already 10AM when I woke up this morning. Most probably woke by the hot weather today. It's been a real hot weather recently. Moreover there's a black out in my place this morning.

So after finished up with my washing and cleaning, dad and I went for our brunch in one of our favorite spot near Bundusan area. (Mom was not with us today, cos she been away outstation for shooting purpose few days ago). Right after we had finished our brunch we didn't straightaway going home, cos we wouldn't want to be a "Roasted Char Sau" caused by the cut off an electricity so dad drove to City Mall.

So right after we had reached at the City Mall, dad saids: "Ok, you go your way, and I'm go mine." Yeah, I know we got different interest and things to see. So we split, the first thing popped in my mind was POPULAR BOOKSTORE, I was thinking to find a book by the name of "Gifted" long ago. I remembered I saw it few months ago but I didn't get it that time. So I guess I'm trying my luck today to find that particular of book that I want.

Popular Bookstore was located in the third level of the mall. I was spending nearly an hour inside the bookstore. As a result I failed to find the book that I want. Instead of getting myself an English novel by the name of "Gifted" (The book is all about how a handicap child struggle to live a better life with lots of criticism and teasing action by the people surrounding her.)I found myself a travel book by the name "1,000 Places To See Before You Die" (Chinese Version) I was thinking how would it be nice if they got the English Version but none of them, I can't find any of them in the bookshelves. (The book is about favorite traveling spots that you shouldn't be missed around the world) The book cost me around RM45.55 after discount whereby the originally price was RM50.60.

After enough of loitering in the world of book paradise, I was stopped at Bingo Boutique. It's been a long time ago since I'd been thinking to change my outdated outfits that stored inside my cupboard. Moreover Christmas is just around the corner, and some of my friends had suggested some outing on Christmas eve. So which means I need some nice outfits instead of those old fashioned T - Shirt which I'd been wearing over and over again in this decade.

Guess what?? After the long searching, I finally found myself something that I considering okey on me. It's actually a white blouse with black spots that look like a coat. The most important thing is that I loved it's texture, fur fur feels and look like dalmatian's pattern which cost me RM49, it's been a "pocket with hole" day for me today.

Here's how the outfit look like...

Next, ride on... Are you ready for a "Powder Game" ?... Be sure get ready with your pistol in a full bullet mode... So that you won't "D.I.E" easily... Heh.. Heh..

Get set... 1.... 2..... Go!!!!

Everybody seems very enjoyed with the games, me and my "Pistol" became one of their targets either although I'm not in the battle but a photographer that day. Some of them purposely making a dirt on me.

After we had a session of war game, it's time to have a group photo with the kids. You can see how enjoyed they were the kids including me as well either. Everybody seems grew older like a Santa Clause with the powder spread all over their bodies.

I guess after few games had lined up.... everybody must be really tired and very hungry. So in my next post which gonna be my final part for the event, more funny shots, eating postures, certificates giving out ceremony and the most touching part is somebody will gonna sing songs to wrap up the events. Wanna knows who's gonna be the next Malaysia Idol next seasons??? So you better check it out... All this will be reveal in my final part of Saturday Late Update - Party @ School Library - The Journey End Here

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