17 November, 2008

Dear Chun Yaw, May Your Soul Rest In Peace

Ok.. How should I start my post today?? Everything seems like happening out of sudden... Today I had lost a primary schoolmates. I can't believe it, we just meet back last September in our primary school alumni gathering couple of months ago. After 15 years, I wouldn't believe that that was our first meeting and also our last meeting.

"Dear Chun Yaw, May Your Soul Rest In Peace, Your Smile Will Always Be In My Mind."

Left: Chun Yaw(Guy)

To Poh Ling (Chun Yaw's fiance) Second from left: Hope you are doing fine, be strong!! My friend.

Thank God!! Today I'm not working in the library. If I'm in the library, I most probably can't stop myself to read the news about the death of Chun Yaw repeating again and again.

Oh yes, I'm gonna spend my rest of the coming weeks in this room alone, helping my other colleague who are going to take leaves

And today I'd been busy issuing receipts

Hopefully nothings gonna happen in the coming weeks, when my colleague is not around. I still got a lot of things to learn from her. And I'm afraid I can't catch up her job. Oh My Gosh!!! Do Pray For Me!!!!!

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