13 November, 2008

Saturday Late Updates - Party @ School Library (Part 2)

Holy Cow!!! I'm damn tired again. Who's mind to lend his/her punch for me?? All I need for now is a massager. After four days of clean up. I only managed to clean up 1/8 of my library's bookshelves.

Before Clean up

After Cleaned up

Guess.... tomorrow will be my cleaning day again. Ok, let's proceed to my never ending story bout the party we had last Saturday. Actually our early plan for this year librarians' party supposed to be set up at the beach (That's my suggestion) and had been agreed by the teacher in charge of the library. Since we wouldn't want to experience the old boring same "makan - makan" session indoor. But our plan had gone with the wind since the principal had banned the plan for safety reason.

So, we just do the catering in the library. But the party for this year it's kind of different from the previous. Instead of, we just "makan - makan", we do have an outdoor games sessions which brought us much laughters. Everyone was high to the top.

In my previous post, there were "Hug - Hug Games". But this time we had the game called "Passing The Rubber Ban".

Passing The Rubber Ban

Ain't they were having so much fun?? Yes!! They were indeed. Before the games started , they actually asking me to join in to the force, but I refused to join in, because I knew that this is the "GOLDEN TIME" for the children to take revenge on me. Heh... Heh... Well, the "Guessing Game" soon will take it's place when we come to the next post. Do come again :)

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