12 November, 2008

Saturday Late Updates - Party @ School Library (Part 1)

Okey.. I know.. I'm totally late to post this event which was happening on last Saturday due to I'd been busy tidy up the library this few days and felt tired after came back from school.

Speaking about last Saturday, It has been a busy weekends ever. Busy with what??? Busy with EATING. Forgot to say. (In the morning, we had the annual librarians' party. When night approached, we had our "School Gala Night 2008" again.

So instead of writing a long composition, I'll just let the pictures that I took during the event to tell the whole story.

Preparations For The Party & Photo Sessions on Pre-Party

Kenny Setting The Slide Show

Davey Preparing His M-16 To Shoot Me, But Just Before He Shoot Me, I Shoot Him First. Heh... Heh...

Dolica (I Love Her Style) Don't Know What I Mean? So Stay Tune :)

Helen & Jo (Acted Cute)

The Three Stooges

Games Sessions

The Clue Game

The Hug - Hug Game

That's all from me tonight. More games and funny shots will be coming up in my next post. So just stay tune!!!

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