04 November, 2008

November's Fall & December's Snow : A Tea Tale

Enter the month of November, the weather is getting colder and colder then we expected before. And I had a chat with a friend through MSN who's now pursuing her study over Manchester (England) couple of days ago. Yeah!! From her what I knew is fall over Manchester almost come to the end, and everybody is waiting for the first snow falls down to the land.

Just close your eyes and imagine, how nice it would be staying inside a small cottage. When winter paying it's visit, sitting down relaxing besides the fireplace with a cup of tea in your hand and listening to this piece of music:

This was what I had been thinking of, but too bad living in Malaysia, we won't experiencing such scenes, all we had is raining like cats and dogs. But thank goodness ain't like yesterday raining whole night long. But tonight still the weather is as cold as I expected. So accompanying me now while I writing my blog is a cup of hot TWININGS fresh & fruity with the aroma of Echinacea and Raspberry tea which I bought it from Tong Hing Supermarket last Sunday.

Besides Echinacea and Raspberry. This particular of tea came out with a wide variety of choice to be choose. Such as Cranberry, Raspberry & Elderflower, Blackcurrant or even Ginseng & Vanilla too.

It's surely will warm you up in such cold day like this.

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