19 November, 2008

My Nightmare Had Begun

STRESS!! STRESS!! STRESS!! The beginning of my nightmare. As I'd said in my previous post. For the following weeks, I'm gonna help the EXEC. SECRETARY who took a week of leaves and I'm the one who "LOOK AFTER HER SHOP" during her off day - Ooops..... it's her office not shop.

As I'd expected, there will be a lot of circumstances that will occur during my stay here. Aha... My prediction was right. Before the EXEC. SECRETARY left yesterday, she had already listed down things that I should do,things that I shouldn't do and things that I must follow up. Ok, early morning I had go through the list of tasks.

Everything seems went on smooth (Faxing, Court Booking, Issuing Receipts, Passing Messages to the PK HEM Senior Assistant (Student Affairs), making calls.) Not until, I met this fuzzy ugly fatty auntie. Who is she?? She's one of the new canteen owner. From what I'd been told earlier on, all I have to deal with this auntie is just make sure that when she coming for contract signing, she must required a piece of cheque with the right amount and a trading license in hand. All else she's not allow to touch the contract. So I told her to get her trading license first. So before she leaving the only document I can give her is a copy of our Information Letter (Chinese Version) and heading to Town Board.

Few hours later, she came back and told me that the town board actually had rejected her application because of our Chinese version of information letter. Yeah!!! I knew it the town board people will gonna reject the letter for being in Chinese version. So this fuzzy auntie actually asked me to translate the letter into Malay or English. Oh dear??? I'm just only a part time watchdog, I have no right to changing any information on a document unless I'd been told to do so by my boss. So, I told her better wait for the EXEC. SECRETARY to settle the matters. On the spot, I can see a sour face on her. But before this, when she's away to the town board, I did discuss the whole situations with the chief clerk and principal. Yeah!!! This is not part of my job, I mean translating a letter. If I did it.... I'm gonna get myself into big trouble. So end up still I told her to wait the return of the EXEC. SECRETARY, thank god she satisfied and agreed to go through with the EXEC. SECRETARY when she came back .... Phew!!! That was close. Oh my gosh!!! How am I gonna survive if everyday got such circumstances happening?? I think I will get mentally abuse just before the returning of the EXEC. SECRETARY.

Just hope that no more SURPRISES coming on my way.

This morning I had received an SMS from a former Form 6 student of the school. Yes!! It's Danny Chu who graduated from last year and currently pursuing his studies in University Malaya. Haven't heard from him quite sometimes already. We did chat for a while, glad to hear that he is doing fine and soon will coming back to KK for a holiday. I really missed the Form 6 students who were from the year of 2007. I had made quite number of friends from the year. They brought me a lot laughters and help me a lot. Thank you and good luck, guys!!!

Danny & Me

Keh Yee, Su Ki & Me

Jiun Yi & Me

The Two Christine's - Loo & Wong

Mansana & Christine Loo

Nicole & Jessie

Kenny, Jo & The Four Tigers (Gaston, Jesper, Yap & Danny)

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