15 November, 2008

Hang Out @ JerraVida Cafe

Gosh... I'm so sick... Blame it on the dusty bookshelves. Making me sneezing all day long. Hopefully I will be fine soon.

Last night, I went to JerraVida Cafe which is located somewhere Lintas area with my gang of friends. It's been a long time since we din't have such big gathering - I mean none of us left out (I think since last year Christmas Eve... Right?)

Actually the early planning was not "Yum Cha Session" but "Movie Outing". Yeah.. I haven't go for any movie for a while either since the last movie I watched was "The Tattooist". At the beginning, Imelda had suggested to watch "The Vampire Who Admires Me" but my choice still stick with the "Madagascar 2", but after all we didn't watch any of them cos "The Vampire Who Admires Me" only showing at GSC 1 Borneo (Which too far that barely everyone lazy to go that distance) as for the "Madagascar 2" (Since it is an animation movie, some of us not interested in watching cartoon) Moreover, the time of showing slightly clash with Chee Kuan's time. (He can't make it on time, so we have to change our plan in order everybody can join in for the gathering)

Honestly, I really not feeling well last night. My sneezing nose seems avoiding me from joining the rest of the gang to have a card game called "Heart Attack". All night long, I'd been forced to rub my nose with handkerchief, till my nose turned red in color (And for the reason, I was given the nickname "Reindeer" by Chee Kuan) that night.

Oh yes!! I did bring my camera with me too. But the batteries in the camera almost low battery, but luckily, we managed to take a group photo before the batteries run out of batteries. We stayed until around 12.30AM only we left the cafe. Overall the drinks here (nothing special) I had ordered a cup of hot chocolate but guess what??? The taste more like a cup of Hot Milo than a cup of Hot Chocolate.

While the rest were busying on their card game... I'm busy shooting them as well. Heh.. Heh...

The most "MAN GUY" for the night - Koch

He is trying to keep his mous-tache

The God of Gamble No.1, 2, 3, 4

The Two Beautiful God of Gamble Assistants

"Heart Attack" Game in Progress

The Lovely Couple of Mr. & Mrs. God of Gamble

The God of Gamble Family Group Photo

The God of Gamble Family Free Style Group Photo

*S.T.A.R* The Sign of Our Long Lasting Friendship, But The Star End Up Became A Sun


Abbie said...

I thought the star/sun photo is creative =D

BOO said...

Yeah!!! I like it too.... Since we got bunch of peoples that night the star finally became a sun already :)

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