01 November, 2008

Funky.... Funny..... Halloween Night....

Rrringgg... Rrringgg... I was calling to Imelda and the rest of my gang of friends couple of days ago, asking them whether they want to join for the Jade's "Night of Mayhem" Halloween Celebration which was happening on last night. And only Imelda and Chee Kuan said "Y.E.S!!!" to the event.

So last night, we were in the celebration around 10P.M. Jade Pub is actually is an open air pub located in Api - Api Centre which is owned by some of my friends whom also a blogger as well as friends from the CSP Forum. It was slightly raining by the time we were heading to Jade Pub. We were only stayed in the pub for..... Errrr.... Let's say twenty minutes standing outside the pub while waiting for the arrival of our another friend - Chee Kuan. Because both Imelda and me felt shy to get into the room. Why??? Because both of us didn't dressed up as witch or vampire and moreover Imelda didn't know anyone here as for me I just know some of them only, there were still lotsa of new faces I don't know yet. But most of the guests here did!! Some were in their French Maid Costumes, witches, devils, angels, some even dressed up as The Red Riding Hood. Wow!!! Man!!! You guys really hot!!!!

Overall, the atmosphere which is full of Halloween feels is there. With the decorations of wool lying down through the staircase that reach to the Jade Pub, and not forgetting the most important item of the event - "The Pumpkin" !!! Well I didn't snap any pictures from the events. Hmmm..... how come???? Neh... I'm just shy to do so, supposed I want to snap the pumpkin decoration before living the party but "Oh My Gosh!!!! I forgot!!!! How dare you?!!! Boo!!!!

Although I left earlier, I managed to say hello to some of them who I knew and got bumped up that time like Chucky, Jack Law, Irtea.

So, after we had left the event. The three of us (Me, Imelda and Chee Kuan) had our yum cha session, Imelda had suggested Upperstar. So what are we waiting for?? Especially me, just listen the word "U.P.P.E.R.S.T.A.R - straightaway, B.O.L.O.G.N.E. S.E S.P.A.G.H.E.T.T.I popped in mind. Heh... Heh... my favorite. Gosh gaining weight nie for having supper late at night.

Food Of The Night

I'm having:

Bolognese Spaghetti

While, Imelda and Chee Kuan having:

Curry Chicken Rice

While everybody busy eating, I took some shots for them either:

The whole night, our beauty queen - Imelda kept complaining her feet in pain. What happen?? After investigations done. "Oh No wonderlah"

Yes... no need to question me anymore!!! Both sandals belongs to our "Beauty Careless Queen" - Ms. Imelda!!! Bah... apa lagi??? We laugh all the way, especially me!! Nearly slipped down from the sofa down under the table.

After we had finished up our supper, we did try on a little camwhore:

Chee Kuan and Imelda's camwhore

Imelda and mine camwhore

Chee Kuan's Camwhore

Imelda's Camwhore

Now, now, I want to serious remind you guys that, the area that you are about to enter is rated 18PL. So if you think you have heart failure, please avoid to scrolling down. Heh... heh...

I was "kena" bullied, Chee Kuan and Imelda just can't stop themselves from snapping me. (one using my camera and the other one using her camera phone) Hmmm.... Watch out!!! You two!! I'm gonna revenge someday!!!

Oh my gosh!!! .... Instead of having a HORROR HALLOWEEN, we actually having a FUNKY FUNNY HALLOWEEN!!! Ehahhahahhah.......

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