29 November, 2008

Boo Is Back With Her Saturday Late Update - Party @ School Library (Part 4)

Whoa!!! I know!!! I know!!! I'd been away from blogging nearly a week... To all my dear friends (Especially Ms. Bevina) Sorry not keeping my blog updated. But now I'm back!!!

So after away helping my colleague in her workplace last few days, finally I'm back to my own workplace. It's been a boring and scaring weeks without computer during my stay in her office - which is the school's hall. Since it's already school holidays but SPM & STPM Exams still in progress. Since I'm without a "Toy" called computer to play with, instead of sitting on my chair, keeping my ears on the phone calls and none - stop hands on issuing receipts. Sometimes I do take the opportunity to walk around the hall.

Something you never could expected, how scary it would be when you are staying home alone in a big dark compound. Well, during my adventure around the hall. I had actually spotted some places which quite "Haunted". Which I named it "The Secret Room".

So, this is the place where peoples talking about all this while. Some saids this is the place where all the spirits staying. I was shivering too when I took this picture, I'm afraid that something might popped out while I snapping this picture. Oh silly me!!

During my stay in the school's hall. I do often heard the sound of someone hitting shuttlecock. Hmm.... Impossible!!! Cos from what I know, the game sessions will only be open after five. No one are allowed to play inside the hall before five.. Who could it be??? *More Shivering*

Before Five Should be Like This

But After Five...

But, after all everything is back to normal... I'm no longer staying in the soul called "Haunted" hall anymore... Yippie!!!!!

Well... now now, what do we have now?? To continue from my last post about the
Saturday Late Updates - Party @ School Library (Part 3) now there you go the part 4 is up with more juicy photos guarantee will make you guys hungry. Heh... Heh...

Next... watch out guys!!! The War of Powder shall rules the world. Better get ready for the next battle. Oh gosh!!! This one I really have no eyes to see. Don't get what I mean?? Please step in again and this time please bring along weapons with you. If you don't want to be attacked by the source of evil.

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