19 October, 2008

Yippie!!! Finally All My Nervousness Had Gone !!!

Wooo.... What a big relieve!!! I just get back from the KK High School Alumni Dinner which was happening at Putra Theatre, Bukit Padang tonight. I would like to thank to those who had attended to the function (Especially to all my ex - schoolmates who had finished PMR (Class of 1998). Thanks for your attendance!!! (As for Linnet who didn't make it to the dinner, no worries!!! There will always next time. We shall meet up next year.)

I won't post much regarding the event in this post but only in the next post. I just want to shout out a bit. Heh!! Heh!! Phew..... all the things I had been worrying about for this few days had gone with the wind.

For example:-

My Phobia
Gosh!!!! Thank God!!! I didn't fell down from the stage. As for other staircases, I think Father Above had heard my prayer, that he let the heaven gates poured a small small raindrop, so I can bring along my unbrella and make use of it as a "banister" to me.

The Attendance
I'd received a call from Linnet Lim (My ex schoolmate) yesterday who had actually confirmed to attend to the function, but had made her last minutes cancellation due to she still stuck in KL for somekind of company training (Gosh!!! SWEATING!!!!) But luckily, the chairwoman of the alumni saids "Nevermind, it's ok!!!".

So from the actual attendance list, it should be all together six persons who had made their confirmation to attend. (But now left five.) But tonight, surprisingly they all together seven persons who had attended tonight. (Gosh!!! Made me even SWEAT!!! NOT ENOUGH TICKET lagi!!!) The next thing was I'm afraid that the chairwoman will scolded me for not doing my job well. But she didn't, because got extra income mar... heh... heh.... this is because the other two who had no ticket, they got to pay the ticket's money as well although they didn't received their ticket.

On Stage
Another thing for me to worry about, we have to on stage tonight. Honestly, I can't stand firm during on stage. I'm too nervous!!! I'm not get used to appeared on stage in the public... apa lagi??? Standing in front of almost thousands of peoples.

Tonight I didn't eat much though... it seems I don't have appetite at all, because they were too many things stuck in my brain... worried this and worried that. But somehow, everything had come to the end. Quite successful event with a disappointment ending, heh... heh... they was no one received any prizes from the lucky draws sessions from our table. Boooo!!!!!!!!!

More updates and pictures will be up in the next post. Now I'm damn sleepy.... I want to sleep!!!!!! I shall have a nice dreams tonight!!!! As for the pictures....(I'm too busy to worry many things until I forgot to bring my camera but Chucky did.) CHUCKY!!!!!!!! I WANT PICTURES!!!!!!!!!!!!! Although I knew I would be very ugly in the pictures.... But I still will share with you all :) So stay tune!!!!

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