07 October, 2008

Too Much Kuih Raya, Will Make You Sick :(

Today is the second day of school terms after recovering from a long week of Hari Raya holidays, and The Malays people had just celebrated their festive seasons - Hari Raya Aidilfitri.

As a tradition of my school, usually the staffs of the school will bring some kuih raya to school and shares with us. And I will do that too during the Chinese New Year. Today my colleague brought quite number of kuih raya all the way from Tawau. Thanks Kak Asnah, you such a kind person!!

What did she bring?? Come and check it out for yourself:

But, amongst of the variety choices of Kuih Raya. I, myself personally love the Kuih Makmur very much. If I'm not mistaken, it's made out of peanuts, flour, butter, sugar, and Icing sugar.

I was actually eaten them a bit early in the morning. But all those kuih had gone with the wind in just a glimpse, WHY??? Someone stole it??? Of course it's none other then "The Mice" of the school - my fellow school kids. Heh... Heh... They had finished the kuih up before I managed to take the second round. Horrible!!!

Imagine, all of this GONE within twenty minutes??? Gosh... You people really a "People Eater".

But thank God, I didn't eat much. Because I get started to feel like catching sore throat and flu. It's probably I got hit by the heavy rains yesterday. And now what I need the most is to get some flu pills and water. Ooopsss.... not forgetting a nice rest either. Hopefully I'll get better by tomorrow!!! I hate to fall in sick :( during working time!!!!

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