09 October, 2008

Surprise Gift From Rony (Really Surprise !!!)

Ok, I won't post much today as I'm still not feeling well. I need to have a nice sleep. Yesterday, I went to my medical check up and I got some flu pills again from the doctor. After taking of it I'm gona fall into dreamland soon.

So, today finally I had received the surprise gift from Rony. (It's really SURPRISE !!!)

What's inside the envelope??

It's picture of Rony with his Balinese Costume on. Honestly, I was shocked when I first saw Rony in such costume. I even made a confirmation from him, whether that was him or not? YES!! THAT'S HIM!! RONY JOHAN a.k.a 薛建. Don't you guys think Rony it's a bit girlish in the picture?? Well, maybe the lipstick caused the effect.

Anyway, before I posted this two pictures up, I did get the permission from him first before the pictures posted up. NO WORRIES :)

K, that's all from me tonight. I guess the power of the flu pills is stronger than the previous pills I took. Now I'm feeling so sleepy and wanting to get in bed so badly.

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