16 October, 2008

Oh No !!! Phobia Attacking Me Again ...

Counting down the calender, it's still have another 3 more days just before the alumni dinner arriving.

While everybody is wondering and worrying "What make up to put on??", "What dress to put on??" and stuff like that. Instead all of this, there's another thing attacking me at the moment - MY PHOBIA IS STRIKING ME. For those who had been following my blog, I'm sure you had already knew what my phobia is??? As for those who are new. You may refer to my older post here . Since the place where I'm about going for the function got staircases that without banister. Oh holy cow, how am I going to overcome it???

Couple of days ago according to the chairwoman of the event, this year is gonna be mainly dedicated to those who had finished their PMR level in the year of 1998. So she's asking our badge to do some performance on stage. Oh My God!!! I wish I heard it wrongly - "On Stage?!!!", not again???? Feels like I'm hoping to get sick on that day. So I got excuse for not attending the function.

Sounds weird and silly huh??? Well, no matter how brave you are, there must be something you afraid of. Am I got it right?? For example some might afraid of cockroach, some might afraid of height. GOD doesn't create a 100% perfect human kind in this world. It's a fair game indeed.

Well, let's hope nothing embarrassing moment will happen on that night. Like BOO rolling down like a ball from the staircases. Heh... Heh....

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