23 October, 2008

KK High School Alumni Dinner : Unforgettable Night

Ok, as I had promised in my previous post that I will post some of the pictures taken during the KK High School Alumni Dinner.

Actually I've been wondering whether I should put it up or not.... (BECAUSE I'M DAMN UGLY) in all those pictures. Supposed I put it on Monday, but after I had take a look with the pictures for the first time on Chucky's computer. Oh My Gawd!!! I totally can't convinced myself to have a look for a second time. (Yeah!! It's been always like that.)

But promise is promise, I must keep my promise as I had promised to share on my blog, so now these is it:

The Group Pictures of Ex Students From The Year Of 1950's till 2000's

Our Badge (PMR Class of '98 & SPM Class of '00)

Karaoke Session

The Ugliest Picture Of Me

All pictures taken by Chucky.

Ok that's all from me, I'm off to email these pictures to my ex - schoolmates. I'm still figure it out how to email it to my classmate, as I never did it before. (Yeah, BOO is such a stupid girl) :(

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