23 October, 2008

KK High School Alumni Dinner : Unforgettable Night

Ok, as I had promised in my previous post that I will post some of the pictures taken during the KK High School Alumni Dinner.

Actually I've been wondering whether I should put it up or not.... (BECAUSE I'M DAMN UGLY) in all those pictures. Supposed I put it on Monday, but after I had take a look with the pictures for the first time on Chucky's computer. Oh My Gawd!!! I totally can't convinced myself to have a look for a second time. (Yeah!! It's been always like that.)

But promise is promise, I must keep my promise as I had promised to share on my blog, so now these is it:

The Group Pictures of Ex Students From The Year Of 1950's till 2000's

Our Badge (PMR Class of '98 & SPM Class of '00)

Karaoke Session

The Ugliest Picture Of Me

All pictures taken by Chucky.

Ok that's all from me, I'm off to email these pictures to my ex - schoolmates. I'm still figure it out how to email it to my classmate, as I never did it before. (Yeah, BOO is such a stupid girl) :(

19 October, 2008

Yippie!!! Finally All My Nervousness Had Gone !!!

Wooo.... What a big relieve!!! I just get back from the KK High School Alumni Dinner which was happening at Putra Theatre, Bukit Padang tonight. I would like to thank to those who had attended to the function (Especially to all my ex - schoolmates who had finished PMR (Class of 1998). Thanks for your attendance!!! (As for Linnet who didn't make it to the dinner, no worries!!! There will always next time. We shall meet up next year.)

I won't post much regarding the event in this post but only in the next post. I just want to shout out a bit. Heh!! Heh!! Phew..... all the things I had been worrying about for this few days had gone with the wind.

For example:-

My Phobia
Gosh!!!! Thank God!!! I didn't fell down from the stage. As for other staircases, I think Father Above had heard my prayer, that he let the heaven gates poured a small small raindrop, so I can bring along my unbrella and make use of it as a "banister" to me.

The Attendance
I'd received a call from Linnet Lim (My ex schoolmate) yesterday who had actually confirmed to attend to the function, but had made her last minutes cancellation due to she still stuck in KL for somekind of company training (Gosh!!! SWEATING!!!!) But luckily, the chairwoman of the alumni saids "Nevermind, it's ok!!!".

So from the actual attendance list, it should be all together six persons who had made their confirmation to attend. (But now left five.) But tonight, surprisingly they all together seven persons who had attended tonight. (Gosh!!! Made me even SWEAT!!! NOT ENOUGH TICKET lagi!!!) The next thing was I'm afraid that the chairwoman will scolded me for not doing my job well. But she didn't, because got extra income mar... heh... heh.... this is because the other two who had no ticket, they got to pay the ticket's money as well although they didn't received their ticket.

On Stage
Another thing for me to worry about, we have to on stage tonight. Honestly, I can't stand firm during on stage. I'm too nervous!!! I'm not get used to appeared on stage in the public... apa lagi??? Standing in front of almost thousands of peoples.

Tonight I didn't eat much though... it seems I don't have appetite at all, because they were too many things stuck in my brain... worried this and worried that. But somehow, everything had come to the end. Quite successful event with a disappointment ending, heh... heh... they was no one received any prizes from the lucky draws sessions from our table. Boooo!!!!!!!!!

More updates and pictures will be up in the next post. Now I'm damn sleepy.... I want to sleep!!!!!! I shall have a nice dreams tonight!!!! As for the pictures....(I'm too busy to worry many things until I forgot to bring my camera but Chucky did.) CHUCKY!!!!!!!! I WANT PICTURES!!!!!!!!!!!!! Although I knew I would be very ugly in the pictures.... But I still will share with you all :) So stay tune!!!!

16 October, 2008

Oh No !!! Phobia Attacking Me Again ...

Counting down the calender, it's still have another 3 more days just before the alumni dinner arriving.

While everybody is wondering and worrying "What make up to put on??", "What dress to put on??" and stuff like that. Instead all of this, there's another thing attacking me at the moment - MY PHOBIA IS STRIKING ME. For those who had been following my blog, I'm sure you had already knew what my phobia is??? As for those who are new. You may refer to my older post here . Since the place where I'm about going for the function got staircases that without banister. Oh holy cow, how am I going to overcome it???

Couple of days ago according to the chairwoman of the event, this year is gonna be mainly dedicated to those who had finished their PMR level in the year of 1998. So she's asking our badge to do some performance on stage. Oh My God!!! I wish I heard it wrongly - "On Stage?!!!", not again???? Feels like I'm hoping to get sick on that day. So I got excuse for not attending the function.

Sounds weird and silly huh??? Well, no matter how brave you are, there must be something you afraid of. Am I got it right?? For example some might afraid of cockroach, some might afraid of height. GOD doesn't create a 100% perfect human kind in this world. It's a fair game indeed.

Well, let's hope nothing embarrassing moment will happen on that night. Like BOO rolling down like a ball from the staircases. Heh... Heh....

09 October, 2008

Surprise Gift From Rony (Really Surprise !!!)

Ok, I won't post much today as I'm still not feeling well. I need to have a nice sleep. Yesterday, I went to my medical check up and I got some flu pills again from the doctor. After taking of it I'm gona fall into dreamland soon.

So, today finally I had received the surprise gift from Rony. (It's really SURPRISE !!!)

What's inside the envelope??

It's picture of Rony with his Balinese Costume on. Honestly, I was shocked when I first saw Rony in such costume. I even made a confirmation from him, whether that was him or not? YES!! THAT'S HIM!! RONY JOHAN a.k.a 薛建. Don't you guys think Rony it's a bit girlish in the picture?? Well, maybe the lipstick caused the effect.

Anyway, before I posted this two pictures up, I did get the permission from him first before the pictures posted up. NO WORRIES :)

K, that's all from me tonight. I guess the power of the flu pills is stronger than the previous pills I took. Now I'm feeling so sleepy and wanting to get in bed so badly.

07 October, 2008

Too Much Kuih Raya, Will Make You Sick :(

Today is the second day of school terms after recovering from a long week of Hari Raya holidays, and The Malays people had just celebrated their festive seasons - Hari Raya Aidilfitri.

As a tradition of my school, usually the staffs of the school will bring some kuih raya to school and shares with us. And I will do that too during the Chinese New Year. Today my colleague brought quite number of kuih raya all the way from Tawau. Thanks Kak Asnah, you such a kind person!!

What did she bring?? Come and check it out for yourself:

But, amongst of the variety choices of Kuih Raya. I, myself personally love the Kuih Makmur very much. If I'm not mistaken, it's made out of peanuts, flour, butter, sugar, and Icing sugar.

I was actually eaten them a bit early in the morning. But all those kuih had gone with the wind in just a glimpse, WHY??? Someone stole it??? Of course it's none other then "The Mice" of the school - my fellow school kids. Heh... Heh... They had finished the kuih up before I managed to take the second round. Horrible!!!

Imagine, all of this GONE within twenty minutes??? Gosh... You people really a "People Eater".

But thank God, I didn't eat much. Because I get started to feel like catching sore throat and flu. It's probably I got hit by the heavy rains yesterday. And now what I need the most is to get some flu pills and water. Ooopsss.... not forgetting a nice rest either. Hopefully I'll get better by tomorrow!!! I hate to fall in sick :( during working time!!!!

05 October, 2008

Shopping : Getting Ready For A Banquet

For those of my friends who had been hanging out with me, they will knew that I'm not the type of girl who likes to shopping especially - SHOP FOR CLOTHES. But today I did.

Early morning, my "Shopping Kaki" - Imelda (Oh!! This little fellow had changed her name "Emelda" spelled with an "E" to current name "Imelda" spelled with an "I". She said many people using the "Imelda" spelled with an "I" instead of "Emelda" spelled with an "E". So she also want to follow lor. Tzek!! Tzek!! Tzek!! This girl ar....) called me up to go loitering with her.

Today I had Sarawak Mee Kolok as my breakfast. It's been a decade of time since I din't eat this kind of mee already. It's a very famous dishes made by the The Foo Chow people in Sarawak. I used to have it as my lunch when I'm working as an account clerk in my previous company located at Damai Area. After finished up my breakfast with my parents, We went to Citymall (Mom wants to shop for some working suit either.) Imelda called me up again by saying she will be meeting me at Citymall.

After picking me up from Citymall, we were heading to Karamunsing first, cos Imelda wants to buy the mini skirt that she had been wondering buy it or not buy it during our previous visit to Karamunsing two weeks ago. But after the long thinking today, she had made up her mind not to buy it either.

So we went to our next station - Centre point. Actually, I was thinking to get myself a dress for the upcoming two dinner functions. The first one is my company annual dinner which is in the month of November and another one is my cousins' wedding banquet on the 4th day of Chinese New Year. So, I need a dress. (Since I don't have any nice dress to wear.) and now a days, I had been trying to change my style (Cos, everyone thinks I'm still like a schoolgirl because of my outfits - T-Shirts & jeans) No way man!!! I need to be more ladylike.

After a long loitering, finally Imelda and I stopped in D & M. Both of us were attracted by this dress:

We tried it out in the fitting room. This dress comes with two colours (Yellow and Blue with same patterns) I'm into blue and Imelda into yellow. But at the end we switched!!! This is because I have a fair skin complexion (which is suitable for light colour kind of clothes) while Imelda have dark skin complexion (which is suitable for dark colour kind of clothes). Moreover, yellow in me - made me look sporty a bit (Cos, I'm more in tomboylook who loves to move around). While, blue in Imelda - made her more elegant and mature (Cos, she's more in ladylook) We were spending a lot of time, in considering wheather we should get it or not. But finally, we had made up our mind to buy it. The dress cost us about RM40.

The next thing that I'm worried bout is "What shoes to match the dress??" I used to have the problem of finding the right shoes to match my clothing. I'm only suit to wear sport shoes: (That's why I'm always wearing T-Shirts, Jeans and sport shoes)

Instead of lady shoes:

But thank god, the only sport shoes that I'm wearing now can match with this dress. (According Imelda and my momlah) So, I no need to be head ache again with the shoes matters anymore.

Last week, I also bought a new bag from China Town a shop situated in 1 Borneo. I'm fell in love with it when I'm first saw it on the rack. It cost me about RM35.

I guess I have to start my saving plan, no more shopping anymore.) I'm BANKRUPTCY now!! :(

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