10 September, 2008

Unwanted Call

Here's another quick post from me. Many of you will wondering "Why I blogging as earlier as this time?" Yeap, currently I'm blogging in my office. Since my parents must arrive in the hospital before 8 to get some medical equipments that I needed in my daily life. So, they have to send me and my brother to work first to avoid traffic jam later on.

If you ask me, "What call I wouldn't want to answer in my life?" I would said it "A call from the hospital". It seems a bad sign for me to received calls from hospital everytime. For example, "Miss, your urine test got infected again!!! Uncle Soo needs to see you now, plese come to the hospital now" :( I think I had been received this kind of calls two three times already in my life. I'm pretty getting tired of it. Why my life have to be like that way??? Why I can't be like those ordinary children living a life that without a MASTER called HOSPITAL ?

But thank god, the call that I received from Staff Nurse Lo yesterday - It's not a BAD NEWS... THANK GOD!!!!! HALLEUJAH!!!!!! It just that she reminds me to get my medical equipments that I needed daily from her before 8. Since she had ordered the stocks quite a number of it. Phew........ It's been a relief for me.


maslight said...

Nobody likes being sick. Ah well at least it's not bad news

BOO said...

Mas : Yeap, thank God!!!! :)

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