21 September, 2008

Movie Outing : The Tattooist

Yesterday, I had just watched "The Tattooist" with my buddies. Actually there was another 3 selections of movies which is "The Black Water", "Halloween" and "Ghost House" showing on, but at the end we still go for "The Tattooist".They were 5 of us together who had joined for the movie. (Me, Chee Kuan, Emelda, Tina and Milo Ping a.k.a Chee Ping).

Thanks to Chee Kuan for picking us up to the movie. We were watching the 9:45P.M. show at Growball Cinema, Centre Point. By the time we got our tixs, the show was about to begin. Phew!!!! That was CLOSE!!! But we still not missed any of the opening part of the movie. (Well, I hate watching movie that I missed the opening part.)

Well, there you go: The Synopsis

American tattoo artist Jake Sawyer (Jason Behr) explores and exploits ethnic designs from around the world. At a tattoo expo in Singapore, he glimpses the exotic world of traditional Samoan tatau in the work of the fiercely proud Alipati (Robbie Magasiva). Fatefully, Jake is attracted to Alipati’s beautiful cousin, Sina (Mia Blake).

When Jake impulsively steals an ancient Samoan tattooing tool, he
unwittingly unleashes a powerful angry spirit. Suddenly, his art takes on a frightening new dimension, exposing everyone he touches, including the feisty Singaporean Victoria (Caroline Cheong), to mortal peril.

Sensing the solution can only lie with the Samoans, Jake follows them to Auckland, where he runs into an old adversary, tattoo artist Crash (Michael Hurst) and a new one, the respected Samoan elder Aleki Va’a (David Fane).

His investigation takes him on a devastating journey into the dark heart of Pacific mysticism. There, Jake must recover his own soul if he is to save the woman he loves and escape with his life.

THE TATTOOIST is a supernatural thriller, made by Singaporean and New Zealand co-production partners. The story centres on Samoan spiritual beliefs, in which the barrier between our world and the spirit world is very thin, leading events in one to have serious and chilling repercussions in the other.

The Trailer

The show ended around 11.30P.M. Suddenly, I felt like extremely hungry. So we were heading to Salim's Curry House for supper.Yup, for those who knew me well, sure will be very surprise to hear me said "I'm Hungry!!!" (Especially during the night) So, I had ordered the Nasi Pattaya and 100 Plus.

It won't be in silent mode, when the 5 of us gathered together. (Coz the existing of The Joker - Chee Kuan) brought us laughters. We were laughing, chit-chatting whole night (Til I can't concerntrate to finish up my meal bah. Lolz...... Laugh until my stomach ache, tulah all this Chee Kuan's pasal)

We were hanging around at Salim until 1P.M. I thought it would be the last destination for us. But after we had separated (Milo Ping gone home) and Chee Kuan had sent Emelda home. He suggested the rest 3 of us (me, Chee Kuan and Tina) to have a drink in one of the dessert house in Foh Sang. This time the main point was focus on Tina's problem. So we had another 2 hours sessions of counselling. Yup!!! Chee Kuan just like a big brother in our group. You can always ask for opinions. He will always giving us good advices and good opinions. It was already 3 in the morning by the time I got back home. But I did had a great time :)

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