18 September, 2008

How To Send An International SMS???

Today I just received Rony's SMS. Actually he told me he's been trying to send me SMS last month. But it seems I didn't received any of it. I did try to reply his SMS back this morning, but no reply from him, I guess my SMS most probably dropped into "TRASH CAN" and not into Rony's mailbox. Hmm..... how come???

Besides, sending emails once a week. I know he's been trying his effort to keep contact with me. Such as chatting in Yahoo Messager (But recently I don't know why I failed to add any contacts into my contact list), calling me all the way from Bali (But too bad got line interruption), and now SMSing to me (But i failed to reply him back). I'm actually felt pity for him. (Ooops..... Sorry Rony!!! Always wasting your credits, nevermind next time when you are coming to Sabah sure I will spend you nice foods and drinks) Heh... Heh...

But I did try to google it in :

And I did try to reply Rony's SMS using the instructions given. Hopefully it works this time. Oh yes!!! Now I knew what's Rony's real chinese name already. It's 薛建 - Since last time he's using the fake name due to business purpose needed. Well, at least he did tried to be honest to me and that a worthy to make friend with him. (Sounds like those ancient's chinese Kung Fu characters from The Legend of the Condor Heroes.) Right????

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