13 September, 2008

Ex Shan Tao Re-union Dinner : A Night To Remember

I just got back from the Shan Tao Primary School Re-union dinner which was held at the assembly hall of the school tonight. Thank God the weather was good. It was absolutely a successful dinner of the night.

Melissa, Me, Sun and Chiau Fui

Group Photo With Mdm. Chong

Caruna Chin, Yee Seng and Chee Fui

Group Photo With Mdm. Chai

I would like to thank Sun for picking me up to the dinner. The dinner was started 6:30P.M and ended 9:30P.M, but I think got bit delayed, If I'm not mistaken. It was crowded with peoples tonight. According to Poh Ling, we who graduated from Class of 94 were the most people to attend in the dinner. (4 tables of it) Yes!!! Class of 94, Let's put your hands together. WE WERE THE MOST UNITED BADGE OF ALL!!!.

Melissa and Mr. Fang

Me and Mr. Fang (My music teacher)

Me and Melissa with some of the teachers

Everyone seems paying attention more on photo taking than the dinner served. (Including me!!! Heh... Heh...) Running around the assembly hall just want to search for VICTIMS to SHOOT. As I'm expected, everyone had a big change already. I can't even regconized some of the ex - schoolmates at all but they did. (They said I'm still the old "Me", huh... REALLY???)

Melissa with some of the teachers

Me with some of the teachers

Sorry guys and Gurls!! But why most of the teachers also even din't recognised me?? Some teachers LAGI TERUK they thought I'm my sister. Gosh!!! You can tell how famous is my sister at that time. I'm famous because of my sister too. The teachers always calling the wrong name both of us. Even now they called me by my sister's name!!! Oh My Gawd!!!!

Group photo class of 94

Class of 94 with Mdm. Chai

Group photo of Class 94 (6 Red)

Cheun Yaw, Poh Ling, Me & Sun

Well, last but not least thanks to Poh Ling for the call. Looking forward to see you guys soon. Till we meet again next year!!!!!

Me & The Former Principal (Mr Ng)

Melissa & The Former Principal (Mr Ng)

Mr. Chin (My BM teacher) & Me

Mr. Chin & Melissa

By the way, I'm really curious there was a photographer (I wonder who he is???) kept trying to take my photo from the time we just arrive at the school. (But he failed to do it because I realized it earlier and successfully escaped from his M-16. Heh... Heh...) But right after we had took our seats, he came over again and shootted me in a success. Sun was the person who noticed it and told me. Gosh...... who could he be????

Melissa, Mdm Teng & unknown guy

Me, Melissa, Mdm Teng & unknown guy

Sun, Melissa and Mdm. Teng


Abbie Hiew said...

Hey.. Nice to see those familiar faces, our primary school teachers. If you meet them again, please send my regards. Tell them, I'm glad that they still remember my name =)

Vincent Lee said...

Wow, nice reunion and nice blog huh! Keep it up k! ;)

BOO said...

abbie: yeap!!! sure I will :)

vince: tx, i will keep it up. but sometimes hard to find words to squeeze in to my blog. Since I think my English is so lan c.

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