25 September, 2008

Bali Trip Day 3 : Shopping Spree @ Kuta Area

Ouch!!! It's painful!!! You guys are not dreaming now, what you guys see it's for real. It's not make up, it's not abuse. (I'm usually getting this whenever I did my blood test) Well, yesterday I went to Hospital Likas to submit my urine speciment as well as did my blood test.

Early in the morning, I met Uncle Soo's helper - Staff Nurse Lo. She was questioning me "Hey, Hiew (Yes!!! That's the way how they called me since I was little child until now.) Why are you getting smaller and smaller??" "Come, let me measure your weight." We actually betting on it (If I'm lost I'm gona spending her a meal, and if she lost, aha... she's the one who will spending me a meal.) Because I kept saying I'm not loosing weight. So, the result came out - Yeah!!! I had won!!!! The doctor who took my blood yesterday was Dr. Ho Hee Kheem. At first, I thought he was Mr. Ho Hee Mang's siblings (Coz they got the almost same name.) Were they brothers?? Well, I don't know!!!

Neh... just forget about the black marked on my hand. Let's talk about other happy things - for example Shopping Spree at Bali. Yeah!! On the third day of our Bali trip, after we took our lunch in one of the restaurant.

Here were one of the shot I took during inside the restaurant.

we went to the current largest shopping mall in Bali which is the Sogo & Centro Shoppingmall located right in front of the Kuta Beach. The shoppingmall has 3 levels. You can find almost any world branded Items here. (Bags, cloths, accessories, cafes, cinemas) Well according to our tour schedule today, we were going to separate into 2 groups, coz some of the tour members were requested to have a spa sessions while for those who were not interested in doing spa and massage will be continueing on their shopping inside the shoppingmall. So, I was one of the shopping members that day.

They were 4 of us who were staying in the shoppingmall. (Me, Rony and 2 other aunties) While the other 2 aunties window shopping on their own. Me and Rony had a little chat again. Almost everythings we talks about from personal til worldwide. According to him, currently the favourite artist who is very popular in Indonesia is none other than Mila from Malaysia. Huh?? Who is she?? Shamed of me... even our very own local artist I also don't know??? Well, how many of you know this girl called Mila???? Well I did found one of her song in Youtube. And see wheather how many of you know this little fellow???

Aku Lebih Tahu by Mila

Outside the mall, there was actually a beautiful beach called the Kuta Beach with white sand. But becareful, pal!!! If you don't want get yourself into sunburn so be prepare yourself a bottle of sunblock coz it's really really hot outside the mall. While the other 2 aunties were enjoying their windows shopping, Rony and I took a stroll outside the mall. Ok, as I said earlier on, how I got the name "Imut"? It's given by Rony. Aha...... since I'm short and he was tall. And he thinks that I'm tiny and like to put the smile on the face, so he named me "Imut". (An Indonesia's wording but in Malays it means "Tiny & Cute") Huh!!!! Rony, are you kidding?? There was no such words in my dictionary for all this while. Well, to be more comfirm, I did asked Bao Ge later on after he and the rest who went to spa and massage and came back to the shoppingmall to meet us to proceed our dinner of the night at Tanjung Pinang. (I just want to make sure Rony didn't fooled me around. Heh!!! Heh!!)

Before we left Centro Shoppingmall, Rony and I took a photo in front of the shoppingmall either.

I even took picture of mom and dad in front of the Centro & Sogo Shoppingmall during the night time.

During our dinner at Tanjung Pinang, I met this little cutties (His name is Jonathan)

After we had finished our dinner at Tanjung Pinang, we were back to our resort to have a nice sleep. I thought I could have a nice rest that night, but I was wrong, because Paul's girlfriend - Karen, which was also one of the tour guide from the same company (My roommates's colleague who had just arrived in Bali the day before) came in to have a talk cock sessions with us. Bringing a bad news saying that Servay Hypermarket, Penampang were burnt into ashes. We were stay awake and chit - chatting until 1 P.M. Oh My God!!! Why girs' talk always took that long???

Here is a picture of Karen (Sorry for the bad quality of the picture)

Next, to put on a full stop in our Bali trip, I will be bringing you to my last destination in Bali which is the Monument Perjuangan Rakyat Bali and just before leaving Bali we shall having our final lunch with a special dish "Ayam Goreng Tulang Lunak". Guarantee you that finger licking good :)

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