11 September, 2008

Bali Trip Day 3 : Monkeys' Feeding @ Alas Kedaton Monkeys Forest

Before I continue my post on Bali Trip, let's us mourn for one minute. I would like to dedicate this date to those victims and survivals of the World Trade Centre. For those who had sacrificed their life in this incident, MAY YOUR SOUL REST IN PEACE!!

Moving on to continue our journey, the next destination of our Bali trip would be Alas Kedaton Monkeys Forest. A truly paradise for the unique living creatures - The Monkeys!!!!

Alas Kedaton or “Holy Forest" is a small forrest measuring 12,00ha where you can see hundreds of monkeys in their natural habitat. It's one of the place in Bali where monkeys exist, free and peaceful. There are hundred of monkeys in this forest and high up on the big trees many bats area hanging and singing with their loud voices.

Located in Sangeh Village, the six-hectare forest is populated with giant nutmeg trees of up to 40m in height. Hordes of Balinese monkeys that inhabit both the trees and the temple, Pura Bukit Sari, located in the heart of the forest, will greet you as you enter the forest, some of them even daring to get close to you. The monkeys have become well acquainted with human company, but beware - sometimes in their attempts to get food, they will snatch some object in order to trade for food. Be aware that the monkeys are easily attracted by shiny objects, such as cameras, jewelry, wristwatches or glasses - best to leave these things behind or keep them hidden.

After seeing the mischievous monkey, we will moving on to Uluwatu Temple - A place with beautiful seaviews and fresh air.


maslight said...

there sure is a lot of monkeys there @_@

BOO said...

Mas: Yeap!!! Some of my tour members even kena "rompak" by the monkeys too. Heh... Heh...

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