10 September, 2008

Bali Trip Day 3 : Golden Rabbits Coffee Garden

So as I promissed in my previous post. We will take a visit to the Golden Rabbits Coffee Garden. Supposed this particular destination was on our second day trip according to the schedule but due to it was holiday so we forced to postpone it till the third day.

After we had taken our breakfast at the resort, we were back to the resort's room. At the meantime waiting the tour bus pick us up, during inside my parents' room I managed to snap both my parents' who was sitting and relaxing (Pretending punya-lah) outside the small balcony of their room.

It's actually took us about half an hour to reach the coffee garden. Thankgoodness they finally open for business for that day.

Here are the main entrance

The worker giving short explaination on the types of coffee they have

This is how the coffee beans and seeds look like. According to him, coffee beans and seeds can categorized in two genders. Just like us - human beings got males and females too. (But too bad the picture that I captured quite blur, I actually forgot to use the function that Chucky taught me to - The "Macro" Function. Instead of using that, I used the ZOOM IN pulak.)

Everyone seems paying attention to the worker's explaination. While I tried to take some shots around the place.

They even show us a demonstration on proper coffee making.

The equipments that needed during the coffee making process

Beloved tour members paying attentions during the demonstration is going on

We were also given the opportunity to have a try with the coffee

CHOICE #1 - Hot Black Coffee

CHOICE #2 - Ice Blended Coffee (Aha... this is my favourite)

I even had two cups of it. Hmmm....... It's YUMMY!!!

Just before we moved on to our next destination - Alas Kedaton (A place that got a lot of monkeys). I had a photo taking with Ellen outside the coffee garden too.

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