16 September, 2008

Bali Trip Day 3 : Dreamland Beach

Yesh!!! I'm back to blog about my Bali trip since last month already. Hopefully all my readers won't get bored by my Bali post, since the journey haven't come to the end yet. First the all I have to apologize first if I've made any mistakes within this post. Because I'm blogging and at the same time I'm helping a friend doing some chinese translations for his working papers. KENNY !!! You owe me one piece of Upperstar's Tiramisu and Lemmonade. YOU KNOW. Heh... Heh...

Ok.. ok.. Stop making nonsense, BOO!!! I would like to thank my sister (who loves to read my blog) and Vincent Lee (for his words of encouragement). Thanks to anybody who supported my blog. I'm sure will keep up the good BLOGGING STYLE. As long as there's readers out there, there's still I'm keep on blogging.

So have you ready yet??? We are about to take off to the land which is full of dreams and fantasy. Heh!! Heh!! We are about going to DREAMLAND BEACH!! So guys and gurls who loves to surf do prepare to get wet, bring along your cutest T-Backs for men and cutest Bikinis for women. Come on let's ride on!!! Yahooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!

Here's a little bit of explaination of the beach:

Dreamland beach is similar in nature to the other beaches in Bukit Peninsula, but it is popular not only with the surfers, also with the beach lovers. It easy access combined with the presence of warungs serving BBQ seasfood and cold cold beer make it attractive to anyone who just wants to get away from the hustle of Kuta life.

Dreamland is located in the Pecatu countryside around 20 minutes from the Ngurah Rai Airport. Park in the lot at the top of the hill and walk down.

The area has a beautiful beach and panorama, with the high wave reaching 4 meters makes this place become a favorite place for surfers and boogie boards.

The wave is hollow, fasts, and powerful and the quality is standard with reef's (coral, sharp rocks with sand) bottom, can only be safely explore by the experienced surfer. During the normal day, it will be few people do the surf, but at the weekend this place is crowded.

The sparkling blue wave breaks right on the shore so be careful or you'll be eating sand (and watch out for the rock on the left a couple of meters off shore!).

Had enough with the seaview yet?? To continue with our journey, we will be visiting the Eagle Square also known as Garuda Wisnu Kencana. A square that without any single of eagles. Gosh!!! What a COLD JOKE indeed!!! Bwahhhahaha!!!!!


maslight said...

waw talking about strong waves @_@

BOO said...

mas: Yes!! It's really strong waves, strong winds indeed. That's will blown your mind.

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