02 September, 2008

Bali Trip Day 2 : Down By The "Mat Salleh" Street

I was wake up as early as 5 A.M. since Ellen (My roomie) had planned to take the morning walk down by the "Mat Salleh" Street which just next to the Ramada Benoa Resort before we went for our breakfast.

The weather for the day quiet windy. We took about one an hour to walk around. But too bad none of us bring our camera. So we didn't take any photos down the street. But as we walking around the street, I had noticed that there's plenty of shops like Tattoo Shops, Lounges and Bars, Spas, Boutiques and many many more. Their target seems like aiming foreigners (Hmm.... no wonder they named the street "Mat Salleh" Street.)

One hour had passed, the Mr. Sunshine starting to say "Hello" to us. And still we were walking around and seeing around. I'm getting to sweat and felt tired already. (Felt like my leg is no longer belongs to me anymore, experienced leg pain. Oh My Gawd!!! How am I gona to start my journey to explore the Island of Bali today???) So, after feeling tired and leg pain, I told Ellen that I'm enough for the day, I'm going turn back to the resort. So we were separated (Ellen still continue with her journey to the end of the world and as for me, I'm going back to the begining.)

After got back to the resort, I straightaway heading to the lobby to have my breakfast. Tell you guys what..... I actually lost in maze, malunya...... till I need to ask for favor from the staff of the resort to guide me to the lobby. (Since every corners and designs of the resort were quite the same.)

It was already seven in the morning, after me and the rest of the tour members had taken our breakfast, we were waiting the arrival for our tour bus at the main entrance. Ahaha........ Bao Ge (The Bali tour guide) was late. While waiting for him, I took the opportunity to play with my camera again, and this time I was snapping around the resort.

There you go,

Soon, Our tour bus had arrived and Bao Ge been punished to sing a song for his late. I didn't see Rony this morning. According to Bao Ge, Rony have to take a bit responsible on his late either. So we been told that Rony will meet us at the batik factory later on.

Gosh.... guys stay tune as Rony will be singing a song from Nicholas Teoh for us as a punishment of being late. This little fellow really can sing what.

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