03 September, 2008

Bali Trip Day 2 : Batik Factory (Batik Painting)

So after having an awsome morning walk with Ellen. Our journey continued again, actually our first destination for the day would be the Golden Rabbit Coffee Garden but due to the Indonesians still on their holidays, so the coffee garden was closed. So without wasting any precious time, Bao Ge had decided to bring us to visit another batik factory with all the unique batik paintings.

But before that, we did dropped by somewhere to pick Rony up. Due to both of Bao Ge and Rony were late that morning. They been punished to sing us a song. Here's the song sang by Rony - "Huang Hun" by Nicholas Teo.

Gosh!!! This little fellow really can sing well MAN!! You never knew that after Rony sang that song, it's made him became "Aunties' Killer". Some even praised him kind of cute-lah, handsome-lah, talented-lah. His popularity seems up within a blink of eyes. Lolz......

So after we been enough entertain by the voice of our beloved tour guides, we had reached the batik factory.

Here are some of the patterns

Besides batik paintings, we can see peoples doing the "Kain Tenunan" as well.

Here are some shots of dad and mom when the batik painting were in progress on them

The atmosphere begins to heat up, and just like having somekind of press conference that packed with photographers snapping pictures. (And that's of course including me. Heh... Heh... but I'm not a pro-photographer, that's bad) Phew...... now I knew how tired was those journalist running here and there just to snap peoples.

Here are some shots (while painting in progress)

According to the local tour guide, all these they did it in just a pinch of time. Very fast, so you can tell how expert these ladies were.

I managed to shoot the after progress as well. Ain't they look nice?

Here are my final random shot of Rony and Dad (Gosh!! Look dad's tummy just like a pregnant lady.)

Well, not everyone from the gang managed to have their shirt painted. Some was very upset because they didn't prepared themselves a shirt to do the painting. But anyhow, Bao Ge had asked Rony to collect orders from the rest of the tour members who wish and haven't get their shirt painted to submit their patterns and shirts later on in order to send it again for painting during the next day. So, that's made everybody pretty satisfied with it.

After we had been visiting the batik factory, we were proceeded to our next destination which is - Mengwi, here we gona visit the magnificent royal family temple of Taman Ayun (XVII century) and Bedugul area.


maslight said...

those are kewl

BOO said...

mas: they are cool.. I love it very much.

Anonymous said...

may i know where is the Batik Factory address?
thank you..

BOO said...

Anonymous: Sorry but I cant recall it anymore.

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