01 September, 2008

Bali Trip Day 1 : Shopping Spree @ Ubud Market & Carrefour

Shopping time!! Shopping time!! Just before the time of "makan - makan", we seems still got time for doing some shopping.

The tour guide brought us to the local market - "The Ubud Market". Yes!! It's almost the same with our local "Gaya Street" in KK or even "Petaling Street" in the city center of KL. Here you can find almost everything including shoes, bags, handcrafts, slippers, cloths. Anythings..... you just need to name it and it will pop out in front of you.

Acording to the local tour guide, there's a trick when you are doing your shopping here. Yes!!! YOU MUST LEARN HOW TO BARGAIN THE PRICE :) . Bargain as lower price as you can. And usually tourist who had visited the Ubud Market. They were all addicted to the place and don't really feels like coming out from the maze again. Gosh!!!! Scarry!!!

Well, I'm not the BARGAIN QUEEN nor the SHOPPING QUEEN. So didn't get myself anything in here accepts snapping some pictures along the streets here.

Well, I did encountered something that really drew my attention though. It's the "Painted Glass". Ain't they look nice? Oh well, if I got my own house someday, I will definately carry all those painted glass home. Wakakkakakak!!!!!!

So, after done with the shopping thingy. Everyone gets hungry already, you can hear their stomach pounding like "TUCK!!! TUNG!!! CHIANG!!!" "CHIANG!!! CHIANG!!! CHIANG!!!

Just right before, we heading to Bali Nusa Restaurant at Jimbaran Beach to have our seafood candlelight dinner. Some of the tour members had suggested to do some shopping again in the local supermarket - Carrefour. (Yes!!! Here got Carrefour either) Well, since I hate seafood very much so I went to the bakery to shop some strawberry puffs as my dinner for the day. Tell you guys what, shopping in Bali really a head ache job, you always have to convert the Rupiah to our Ringgit Malaysia to see wheather it's worth to buy or not. So please do remember bring along your calculator when you plan to travel overseas.

So couples, do join me in the next destinations - Jimbaran Beach. The most romantic place to dine with and live music band. You can feel the sea breeze while having delicious seafood feast. This is what you called luxury life!!! Uh... Mamamiya!!!!

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