01 September, 2008

Bali Trip Day 1 : Candlelight Dinner By The Seashore @ Jimbaran Beach

So after finished our shopping spree for the day, we were heading to Jimbaran Beach to have our candlelight dinner. But it's a bit dissapointed for me because I can't see the sunsets by the time we reached Jimbaran. (The sun almost set.)

As we on our way to Jimbaran, I managed to snap a piece of statue, Rony told me that this piece of statue called "Patung Dewaruji".

Thank god as we were having our candlelight dinner, there's no rain pouring down from the heavengates. The weather for the night it's quite windy. The feelings was really great. I beg I will never experience it for the second times in my life.

What do we had for the day??? Let's see!!! Hmm..... Prawns, crabs, fish, squid satays, clams in a plate.

But too bad, I'm anti-seafoods person. But I did taste a little bit of the squid satays. The taste for me it's just so so. I still prefer my strawberry puffs.

After finishing my dinner, I get to start playing with my camera. And here were some of the shots that I took. Due to it's kind of dark, I didn't take much of pictures for that night. Since the quality is no good.

This gona be the wrap up for my Bali Trip Day 1. More interesting places coming up in Bali Trip Day 2. I will be sharing on my morning walk with Ellen - our Malaysia tour guide down the "Mat Salleh" Street.

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