29 August, 2008

Yee Dik And Mee Ling's Wedding Dinner

Arggggg..... I'm full!!!!!!! I'm just get back from Yvonne's elder brother wedding dinner at Grand Ballroom, The Magellam Sutera, Sutera Harbour Resort.

It was raining like cats and dogs while we were heading to the dinner. Actually only my dad and mom were invited to the wedding dinner but due to my mom currently outstation, so I'm temporary be my dad's partner. The dinner started 7:00 P.M. and ended 10:30 P.M. Both of the bride and bridegroom were looking stunning in their chinese traditon costume.

Here are some shots that I took during the dinner:

Some Culture Performance at the main floor before we entered the ballroom.

The Wedding Photo displayed in the main entrance of the ballroom

The Backdrop

The Menu

The Wedding Cake

Senior Citizens Enjoyed Dancing In The Dance Floor

Bride and Bridegroom Getting started To Kiss Each Other

What a lovely couple !!!

My two adorable niece also want to be in my camera. Don't you think they are lovely too?

Wishing the newly couple living together happily ever after.

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