08 August, 2008

The 29th Olympic (Beijing 2008) : Spectacular start to Games

Finally, the most prestige sport events had begun. You guys don't be surprise!!! Yes!! I'm blogging at the same time keeping my eyes on the TV sets. My mood? Erm.... not quite right. Why?? Because as I'm watching the show. My dad just can't shut his "BIG MOUTH", ish.... bising betul!!! I just can't understand why those old people loves to make noise without a reason.

Ok, the opening ceremony of the 29th Olympic Games had just started around 8:08 P.M in the stadium in Beijing (also known as "Bird Nest".) Co-incident isn't it? I was so impressed by the chinese peoples' performance, and the way they bring out the event (Fireworks in "gorilla footsteps" entering the stadium as the sign of the begining of the events). Until this level, where all the athletes from different countries all over the world had marched through in the stadium.

204 delegations were parading their athletes through the stadium. And our very own country - Malaysia had bring out 27 of participants to compete in this coming events. As they marched in, they were dressed up in yellowish mixed with black Baju Kurung (for women), while the men was dressed up in Yellowish Malay Costume with black Songkok and black Sarung on them.

Here are some of the photos that I found on the net:

Malaysia Team

The Logo

The Stadium

The Performance

So sit back, relax and do enjoy the events. Let's hope our Malaysia Teams will bring back medals. Come on, Malaysian show our spirit. Malaysia Boleh!!!!


Josephine said...

haha!! i never thought you'll post a blog about the Beijing Olympic Opening Ceremony!! actually i did the same thing too!! that's why when i saw your blog about the event, i just laughed off cuz we happened to do the same thing! which website do you get that picture of Malaysian team parading in da stadium from?? i've been searching for it but didnt found it..

BOO said...

Gie!!! Sounds we like TWINS... having same thought. Akekekke..... Ok if i'm not mistaken I got all those pitchah from www.cn.yahoo.com if i didnt get the URL adress wrongly.

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