11 August, 2008

My New Toy : Canon Powershot A 470

Urggggg !!!....Oopsssss sorry..... still recovering from supper with 4 of my YUM CHA buddies - Emelda, Chee Kuan, Milo Ping (Chee Ping) and 4 other Ex-KKHSians (which I can't regconized any single of them at all) at F.R.E. Lintas last night. Maybe my Auntie Visit is around the corner, so I felt like my appetite strong enough to eat up one KFC Burger, a cup of float coke and a piece of chicken drumstick around 4P.M. and took a plate of Bologne Spaghetti with a glass of Iced Almond White Coffee later on during supper.

Gosh............. BOO jadi MONSTER already :)

Oh well, last night was the last date for the PIKOM PC Fair which held in Sabah Trade Centre (If I'm not mistaken). I didn't pay a visit but dad did going with his friend. And dad managed grabbed a digital camera (Model Canon Powershot A470) for about RM499. Actually, I won't go for that model (My DREAM HONEY would be Canon IXUS 80is, since the mega pixels slightly bit higher than Canon Powershot A470) But I have no choice but just follow because the bill goes to papa, and nothing I can argue with. (The purpose dad getting a digital camera is to be prepare for the upcoming trip this coming school holidays, and as for me?? Heh... Heh......... been trying a new hobby called PHOTOGRAPHY .

So, here are the picture of my new toy (Canon Powershot A470):
Which I'm still exploring at the moment, there's so many things I'm still don't know how to handle(due to I'm already get used with my cameraphone which is only pick and snap then transfer to computer, that's the end of the story.) But digital camera required of installation this and that, more buttons some more. Bikin head ache, but I still want to learn it. Any Canon Powershot A470 user out there?? Maybe you can teach me on it. So shamed of me, but please be understanding.... newbie here. Heh !! Heh!!

My New Toy - Canon Powershot A470

The Spec
read here

Hoorey.... this date marked that BOO had begin her life with the REAL WORLD of PHOTOGRAPHY with a REAL GUN, no more FAKE GUN anymore.


Henry LeE ® said...

cool! canon! it's a good camera to start with. If u r boring with it, you can get a DSLR. Now is really cheap. HAHAHA!

Josephine said...

o so tiz is da camera tat u mention abt ya.. nice.. i think i wanna buy a camera too la!! haha.. but tat will only B a dream come true after i got a job... ^_^

BOO said...

Jo: Hi........... Jo, finally u had landed in my blog. Tx for viewing. Erm I'm sure you will get your own camera too. Too bad the camera is not fully owned by me. (It's home camera bought by my dad. So everytime I want snap something weird pasti kena "Ngam" liau.) Susahlah ni. :( I must bought myself my own camera one day.

Rainer Yong said...

wah so untung get to go to bali! i've never been there. i know i know it's lame that i haven't been there. No time bah hehe

BOO said...

uncle: Lolz............ u shud.....

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