06 August, 2008

LazyBug Growing Inside My Blood Cells

Sigh...... another working day for me. I'm kind of lazy though. Most probably, bunch of lazybugs had conquered parts of my blood cells. (I think) Heh.. Heh....

As usual nowadays, I have to go to my workplace a bit earlier to avoid traffic jam -Since my dad have to send me and my mom either in different location (One in KK High School and the other one is RTM) So have to catching time before 8 A.M. , because my mom need to have her attendance card to be punch before 8 A.M.

So, after taking my breakfast, I was sitting in the sofa at the living room. While waiting for my dad and mom. I actually got time to have my fingernail cut. (Long time didn't trim "them" already) Just before I managed to finish up all ten of my finger nails. My parents were set to go. So I'm leaving the remain uncut fingernails waiting to be trim.

Can You Spot The Uncut Fingernails?

Actually I did forget about the uncut fingernails, due to this morning I'm busy preparing my debtors' list and I only realized it in the afternoon, after one of my student librarians asking me about it. Heh.... Heh... malu-nya. (Kind of lazy this afternoon, felt sleepy.)

Reminder : Boo, You can't act like that. Remember due date (A time that I usually set myself in doing a job.)

Ok, got to go now to have a cup of my Balanced Nutrition Milk. Since I was skipping my meal at night. And my dad had suggested me to have it since he's complaining that I'm looking pale, and lack of nutrition which I had started to consume since yesterday. The taste?? Acceptable - Better than Chicken Essence (I Hate It)

My Balanced Nutrition Milk - Enercal Plus (Vanilla Flavour)


Josephine said...

wow..at first i thought i saw a wedding ring.. haha.. but i know that ring.. haha.. hmm.. i think i know that milk la.. i've seen it somewhere before.. you dont like chicken essence? why?? i love it!! and i love another product from brand's too... it's InnerShine.. it's good for health..

BOO said...

Dunno.... I just don't like the smell. So yucks!!!!!

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