17 August, 2008

Karaoke Outing : Chee Kuan's Birthday Lunch @ KK Box

So as planned earlier as last week, that we gonna celebrate Chee Kuan's 31st birthday at KK Box, Karamunsing this morning.

All together 6 of us - Chee Kuan, Emelda, Tina, Yan Yee and one of Emelda's friend (I can't remember her name already) were in. Supposed to be Emelda pick me and Tina up but due to she's got another activity on and might be late a bit, so she had asked Chee Kuan to pick us up. So three of us arrived there around 11 P.M. while Emelda and her friends arrived around 12 Noon.

This was the second time (If I'm not mistaken) we went to KK Box. (Whereby the first time was before the grand opening of KK Box) Gosh!!! Recalled back the first time, the boss even took our photo for publicity of the Karaoke Outlet which been advertised in the local chinese newspapers... MALU-nya!!!

It was noon, and I still haven't eat anything since last night, so I planned to take my breakfast + Lunch (BRUNCH) together.

So take a look at the MENU, hmm... WHAT DO WE HAVE FOR TODAY??

Selections of SET LUNCH on the MENU BAR

So after the long thinking, I had made up my mind to have KK BOX FRIED RICE and APPLE JUICE as my BRUNCH.

KK BOX FRIED RICE (Nothing special though)


As for Emelda, she were having the SEAFOOD TOM YAM.

Here are some of the shots taken during the Karaoke Sessions:

Tina and Chee Kuan Warming Up for the first song.

See how's the Birthday Boy in action

The Youngsters In Action (They might be look young, but they do have a STRONG POWERFUL VOICE like Celine Dion.)

Let's "YUM SENG" with our two lovely Emelda and Tina "KAMPAI"

The Winner Of KK BOX King of the Year 2008 --> Mr. Chong Chee Kuan

The Winner Of KK BOX Queen of the Year 2008 --> Ms. Emelda Chin

Come.... come... put your hands together. ENCORE!! ENCORE!!

Happy moment is the fastest time to slip up, looking at my watch, it's already 2.30 P.M. So before we left KK BOX, we managed to take a group photo.

Everybody were enjoyed the evening, including me (Although I only be the back up singer saja... Heh!! Heh!!) Last but not least, I would like to greet Chee Kuan "HAPPY BIRTHDAY, bro. You were a year older already." Cepat - cepatlah KAHWIN!!! :)

P/S: What do you guys think about the quality pitchahs that I took today?? I been practising it with my new toy (Real digital camera) And I just got myself a rechargeable batteries along with the charger that cost me RM75 (Yeah!!! The only price I managed to get after the negociation with the boss cutting the original price of RM80.)

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