14 August, 2008

I Feel Clean And Clear

Yeap... Last night I got a call from Ariel Tan (My ex colleague) saying that she's now at Kenix's house (My neighbour who lived next door). Haven't seeing her around in KK since our resignation from the previous company that we worked together. After her resignation we seems lost contact because she is pursueing her study in Taiwan.

So we had spend the night together. And at the meantime, I took the opportunity to let Kenix done some facial on my face. (Kenix used to be a Beautician) Who worked with Dermalogica Beauty Centre but afterthat she being transfered to a new branch of beauty centre at Tawau, just recently came back to KK and doing her own business at home. The entire process tooks up about 2 hours including cleansing, masking, massaging.

The feelings? It was great!! Haven't let myself stay relax in such way already. The very last time I paid my visit to the beauty centre, that was couple of years ago, during Dermalogica is doing their promotion week and it quite pricey aroud RM80++ for normal cleansing. But service given at home is only cost me RM30.

This Is The Product Range Currently I'm Using Now (Dermalogica)

This Is The Product Range I Plan To Use Later On (Nu Skin)

The reason why I want change my facial product, it is because Dermalogica quite pricey comparing with Nu Skin.

Now I felt clean and clear after Kenix had help me cleaning up my black head. Will be visiting her again after I'm back from my trip to Bali next week. Hoorey!!! I'm going for holiday soon. I really need a rest!!! Lolz........... As for Ariel do have a pleasant flight back to Taiwan this Sunday. Till we meet again. Good Luck My Dear Friend!!!!

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