22 August, 2008

Home Sweet Home

Finally, I just got back home from Bali, Indonesia. And now I'm so freaking tired and experienced with leg pain. (Due to I had been overused my energy that caused the muscle of my both legs cramp and pain now). The trip was actually organized by The Pensioner Association and MatthewPaul Tours & Travel Agency were bringing us to Bali.

Overall, I did enjoy the trip very much. Learnt a lot of the local cultures, histories, seeing things that never seen before, testing variety of local foods and learnt a lot local dialect. I had made a new friend here as well - His name is Rony. We managed to exchange yahoo messager either. (Rony was an assistant tour guide)

Here are the three very important persons, because without them I think we couldn't have such wonderful trip. Thank you so much.

Ellen Pang (Malaysia Tour Guide from MatthewPaul Tours & Travel Agency)

Bao Ge (Bali Tour Guide)

Rony Johan(Bali Asistant Tour Guide)

More stories and pictures will be up in the next post. I have to sleep now, lack of sleep for the past five days. And still have to work tomorrow. So stay tune!!!


maslight said...

gahhhhhhh everyone juz came back from bali GG

Anonymous said...

well i must say i've enjoyed all of your posts about your trip to bali. lovely photos. thanks, Fran

BOO said...

Anonymous : tx for dropping by... may I know who r u???

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