18 August, 2008

The Final Checklist Before Leaving

Finally the time has come, I'm still have another sixteen hours to spend before catching up my flight at 6P.M. to Bali, Indonesia. So, the flight been scheduled at 6P.M. - Apparently, I have to be at the airport around 4P.M.

I'm actually just finish my final check on the things I must bring to ensure that there is no any single stuffs left behind. Here are my checklist:

My Luggage Packed With My Cloths (For 5 days)

My Passport

My Money

My Digital Camera

My Notebook (For Me To Jot Down Things That Happening During My Trip)

My Rechargeable Batteries & Charger For My Digital Camera

My Handphone & Charger

My Facial Bag

Last But Not Least,

My Cap, Jacket & Unbrella

Not forgetting my air ticket either, forgot to say. Without it the pilot will kick my butt out... Akekekke (Just Kidding)

Looks like everything is set and all I need is just wait the time to come. Lastly, I have to apology because I'm gonna LOST IN ACTION for the following weeks. Will be update my blog after I'm coming back to KK. So, stay tune!!!

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