23 August, 2008

The Begining Of My Journey To Bali

So the day had come to begin our journey to the centre of Bali which gona took us 5 days 4 nights starting from 18th August 2008 til 22nd August 2008.

But on the date of departure, I'm still need to go back to school and working for half day. Due to our flight will only take off at 6P.M. , so we need to be assemble at Air Asia Airport 2 hours before on board. According the schedule planned, we will be flying with flight (QZ 9023) to Denpasar (Bali).

After we had reached at the airport, we waited Ellen Pang (Our local tour guide) and the rest of the tour members, it's about 26 tour members who had joined the Bali Trip. Soon Ellen had helped us on check-in of our luggages, all of us entered the departure hall for waiting on board. Since it's still need to wait for at least 2 hours, to avoid my boringness, I had started to play with my digital camera.

Here were some shots that I took during the awaiting:

While on the wait, I met my boss, Mr Lim. (Actually I already knew that Mr Lim will be flying to Kuala Lumpur for meeting purpose (Being told by my colleague - Rose Wong earlier on)

After the long wait, finally we get to on board 6:30 P.M. local time (Air Asia delay again). Unlike other airline's service, Air Asia didn't provide free of charge dinner. It required us to buy the foods and drinks inside the plane. Since we been told earlier on there will be no dinner served on the first night at Bali. So I had Chose Indonesia brand of Maggi as my dinner which cost me RM8 per cup.

All of us were given a piece of paper to be fill up(Actually it was passenger information)

By the time we arrived at Ngurarai Airport, Denpasar (Bali). It was already 8.30P.M. The local tour guide (Bao Ge) together with his asistant (Rony) picked us up in the airport. We were welcomed by the local flower girls and they had presented each of us a Bunga Galong. The weather at Denpasar, Bali was windy.

We been told that dinner will be served at one of the local restaurant - Tea House before we proceed to the resort that we gona stay during our 5 days trip.

After we had finished our dinner, the travel bus driver sent us to Ramada Benoa Resort where we gona spend the night in. It took about 20 minutes to reach Ramada Benoa Resort. Soft drinks were served while we were waiting at the lobby for getting our room keys. Ellen and me were sharing the same room, during the arrangement of rooms' keys, there was a little bit problem due to one of the tour member did not satisfied with the arrangement of the rooms. But after Ellen tried to settle the matters, everything seems undercontrolled. Everybody got their rooms and get some rest to prepare for the journey of exploring the Island of Bali following days.

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