25 August, 2008

Bali Trip Day 1 : Morning At Ramada Benoa Resort

Ok, just received an email from Rony (The Bali Asistant Tour Guide)yesterday. I'm glad that he did emailed me. He was asking for my phone number (I did gave him), he did gave me his numbers either. But stupid me, don't know how to use the international code, furthermore making international call is two ways charge, quite pricey though.

Back to topic, my first day in Bali.

Morning At Ramada Benoa Resort
Early in the morning, I think I Woke up as earlier as 5 A.M. I just don't want to miss the sunrise in Bali. (Always the prettiest sunrise I ever saw.)

After done my washing and cleaning, before having my breakfast at the lobby. I quickly grabbed my camera and snapped some of the pictures around the resort. My room actually located in the third level of the building.

My Bed

My Room Number

The Corner View From My Floor

Ramada Benoa Resort

After enough taking pictures, I went for breakfast at the lobby which is located in the second floor. (Gosh!! I always lost whenever want to heading to the lobby, even till my last day at the resort.)

What do I had for my breakfast??

Yes!! Doughnuts & Cereals Every Morning

After finished our breakfast, while waiting the arrival of the tour bus, we still have plenty of times to take a walk around the resort and managed to snap more pictures at the park just opposites the resort.

And here were some of the shots:

Around 8:30 P.M. our bus finally landed, that's marked that our journey of our Barong Kintamani Tour is about to begin. So stay tune for the Barong Kintamani Tour in my next post, more weird stuffs had yet to come.


Xander Qruze said...

Thats a wonderful place for a vacation! I liked the statue picture especially, very relaxing just looking at it.. :)

BOO said...

Xander: Yup u were right....... it's a nice destination for vacation. If got chance to go back there. I wish to visit again. I'm ain't enough taking pictures. :)

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